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Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery?

Many businesses have an incorrect understanding of what Backup & Data Disaster Recovery is. Data Backup is the act of copying and preserving your data in case of theft, fire, or any other natural disaster.  Data Disaster Recovery is an action plan on how to restore and integrate that data back into your working systems, minimizing as much negative effects as possible to the company.

Backup & Data Disaster Recovery is simply the coupling of these two separate, though complementary services. In the event of a data loss, a company can have peace of mind knowing that their database has been copied AND migrated successfully back into their systems.


  1. Off-premises storage keeps data free from the damage.
  2. Customer data is encrypted, allowing for piece of mind.
  3. It eliminates the need and cost for physical storage space.
  4. The solution can be designed to mirror the database in real-time.
  5. The implementation of restoring lost data is quick, easy, and fast!
Disaster Recovery

In today’s digital age, there is nothing more valuable to a company than its data. Data is literally the life-blood of a company. Without data coursing through its veins, the company would cease to live. For many companies, data loss could be a loss of patient or customer files. For others, it could be losing legal records. Although data loss could mean different things for different companies, it translates into the same thing: closing company doors for good.

Studies have shown just how vital data is to a company, and how massive the ramifications can be if data were to be lost. For companies that experience a major data loss, over 40% of them closed their doors forever within only the first several weeks. The other 50% closed within two years of their data loss, leaving only a measly 6-10% of companies surviving their data loss.

In order for a company to get up and running quickly and efficiently after a tragedy, they need to purchase a tried-and-true Disaster Recovery solution from a premier provider. Telarus has several premier providers, like C7 Data Centers, NaviSite or New Cloud, that can assist with any customer’s needs you may have. Allow Telarus to help you and your customer’s with their future!