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PRESS RELEASE – Toledo, OHIO, January 24, 2019. Telarus announced today that Telesystem had joined the TrustedSky Alliance, an association of leading service providers in the Cloud and Unified Communications market. Telesystem has joined the TrustedSky Alliance to provide its partners with TrustedSky’s innovative suite of web-based tools to enable better deployment, service, and support for their customers.

The TrustedSky testing service is a web-based platform that partners can use to test and diagnose network conditions to assist their hosted Unified Communication as-a-Service (UCaaS) customers in identifying network capability and quality. Members of the alliance — and their partners — have access to this portfolio of web-based tools to streamline the provisioning process for seamless deployment of cloud-based communications solutions to help their employees and customers connect.

“I am continually impressed by the strategic initiatives that Telarus keeps bringing to market,” said Telesystem EVP and Chief Business Development Officer Bruce Wirt. “Telarus partners not only get the benefit of the Telarus back office, but partners are given so many sales tools that make it easy for them to deliver a timely and accurate quote. For TrustedSky specifically, this is even more exciting for Telesystem because we can use it ourselves to ensure that the customer’s environment is fit for VoIP. I’m extremely excited to roll this out to our partners.”

“The TrustedSky application, branded internally for Telarus partners as VXSupportLine, is a technology designed to help our partner community sell more Nextiva services,” said Karie Atwood, channel manager for VXSuite. “VXSupportLine removes fear and risk by ensuring applications will function as intended in the end user’s environment. Our partners want this because they can identify and resolve potential bottlenecks in the end user’s environment before deploying Nextiva, avoiding a negative experience.”

Telesystem currently does business with 13 out of the top 20 national master agencies, giving access to thousands of selling partners across the US. Telesystem was also awarded the ChannelVision 2018 Channel Program of the year.


Telesystem offers voice, data, cloud, and security solutions to empower businesses across the country. Guided by our customer-centric mission, we work alongside our trusted partners to design unique solutions to address the business-specific needs of each customer. This includes offerings such as Secure Internet as a Service, Secure SD-WAN, Broadband Monitoring, and Billing Aggregation, Hosted VoIP, SIP Trunks, Dedicated Internet Access, and Managed Computing Services. Telesystem boasts 40 national Points of Presence (POPs), two privately-owned, compliant data centers, and 30 NNI Agreements that allow for blanket Ethernet coverage from coast to coast.

The award-winning Telesystem Partner Program includes eleven Telesystem Elite Agents and hundreds of Telesystem Authorized Agents across the nation. Telesystem has grown its customer base to serve over 21,000+ locations including hospitals, universities, local public and private school districts, banks, and regional government offices.


TrustedSky is a joint alliance of leading service providers in the Cloud and Unified Communications market. TrustedSky was formed to solve the broken Cloud support model.

Hosted Cloud applications guarantee that no single support group can satisfy an end user when it comes to performance problems. The goal of TrustedSky is to bring transparency to this process and create a self-service workflow that accelerates the time to a solution between an end-user, the end-user’s IT staff, and the Cloud provider.