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Remodeled site comes with an increased emphasis on partner engagement, event information, and public-facing cloud product selection technology

telarus master agent new website July 17, 2018 – Sandy, UT – Telarus, LLC., master agent of business data, voice, mobility, cloud, and contact center services, today announced that it had completed its rebrand with the re-launch of its website: The new site makes it easier for new agents, MSPs, and VARs to learn more about the cloud brokerage model, quickly find ‘best fit’ vendors, and to find information about the busy event schedule the master agent has built to train its partners in the markets in which they live.

“We are excited to have a brand-new website that engages the public and highlights all of our many value-added services and patented technology,” commented Amy Bailey, VP of marketing for Telarus. “Now that Telarus, CarrierSales, and VXSuite are one company, we can offer agent partners a unique experience.  From our patented software tools to our subject matter expertise in cybersecurity, contact center, and mobility, our new website communicates this value much more clearly, engagingly and elegantly.  With over 160 providers being offered by the ‘new’ Telarus, having new technology that enables our partner community to narrow the field quickly, and to find events where they can learn more about those suppliers, it was important for us to invest a great deal of time and resources to make sure we went above and beyond our high standards when building our new site. If there was ever a question as to who the leading master agent of cloud infrastructure services is, our new site should answer that question.”

The last time Telarus revamped its website was 2014, before its acquisitions of VXSuite (2015) – a network monitoring company, and CarrierSales (2017) – a competing master agent. The new site includes a sophisticated vendor selection filter, enhanced blog platform, and a greater number of educational video content.

“I think that our partners will find our supplier selection tool of particular interest,” said Paula McKinnon, VP of supplier management for Telarus. “Our team has done extensive analysis of our 160 suppliers and categorized over 60 different solutions that they offer, so that the Telarus web team could integrate that information into an intuitive interface on the new site. Most companies would hide that proprietary information, but we feel it’s our job to share this with our partners and the public at large. If a partner needs more detailed information, we have additional selection tools that they can use for free, like GeoQuote®, the Telarus app, and our cloud product matrices, but the partner must sign up as a partner first.”

“Telarus began as an online commercial telecom lead generation company in 2002, making our website one of the most important assets of the company,” added Patrick Oborn, co-founder of Telarus and former VP of marketing. “Kudos to Sean Goines, Telarus digital marketing manager, and the rest of our marketing team for the time they put into creating such a great website. It’s got the information you can’t find anywhere else, with a cutting-edge design that was created with a mobile-first strategy, all with information that takes some of the mystery out of the cloud brokerage business. It’s a great time to be in this business, and our new site is the crown jewel of our brand.”

If you are an agent, VAR, or MSP looking to add cybersecurity, SD-WAN, UCaaS, and contact center to your portfolio, please reach out to Telarus by calling 877-346-3232, or visit us online at


Built for You, Telarus is the largest privately-held technology services distributor (master agent) in the United States. Our dynamic agent-partner community sources data, voice, cloud, and managed services through our robust portfolio of 160 leading service providers. We are best known for our home-grown software pricing tools and mobile apps that are unique in the industry. To help our partners grow their businesses, we’ve assembled the best support organization in the industry, which includes SD-WAN, Cloud, mobility, contact center, and ILEC specialty practices whose primary goal is to help our partners identify and design the right technology solutions for their customers. To learn more about the Telarus opportunity, please visit, or follow us on Twitter @Telarus.