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Deal paves the way for Telarus’ network of over 4,000 technology brokers to bring IT transformation, custom security assessments and products, and management for mid-to-large enterprise businesses

Sandy, UT – Telarus, creators of GeoQuote and award-winning master agent of business data, voice, and cloud services, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive technology distribution agreement with HTG 360.  With this new agreement in place, Telarus’ network of over 4,000 technology brokers will be able to offer their mid-to-large enterprise clients cyber security audits, assessments, consulting, design, vendor sourcing, implementation, repair and remediation, and 24 x 7 managed services globally.

“We are excited to add HTG 360 to our quickly-growing managed security portfolio,” said Richard Murray, COO of Telarus. “HTG gives our partners the ability to offer the complete cyber security solution lifecycle, from discovery, planning, all the way through to implementation. Security is a major concern of every CIO in the world, and HTG 360 allows our partners to leverage their existing relationships to have those high-level conversations with their clients. HTG 360 really is the ‘glue’ that brings a very conservative, yet profitable, approach to next generation technology and cyber services.”

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, HTG 360 currently has customers located in over 90 countries worldwide. HTG 360 manages over 2500 locations. HTG 360’s technology team of experts helps enterprise organizations uncover technology barriers to business growth, addressing not only the technology transformation, but equally as important, the impact of new technology on an organization.

“HTG 360 and Telarus are going to do great things together,” added Chris Ichelson, CEO of HTG 360. “Telarus has a history of innovating and keeping its agent partners ahead of the technology curve, and HTG 360 is excited to help them have success in the new field of cyber security and technology transformation. Having operated a successful telecom agency in the past, we understand first-hand the needs of Telarus’ partners and the security challenges their customers are facing. Ransomeware, malicious employees, criminal organizations, state-sponsored attacks, data loss, negligence, compliance mandates and consistent phishing of corporate mail servers are just a few of the daily security events driving significant change within organizations worldwide. When you add it all up, it’s  a huge opportunity for agents to leverage their great client relationships and to remove a major pain point at the same time. We look forward to adding value to those conversations immediately.”

For more information about how to add HTG 360’s consulting and managed security services to your portfolio, please reach out to Telarus by visiting our web site,, or by calling our partner hotline at 877-346-3232.

About HTG 360

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, HTG 360 helps enterprise organizations uncover technology barriers to business growth. We have built a reputation for auditing, assessing, consulting, design, vendor sourcing, implementation, repair and remediation services globally. With customers in 90 countries worldwide, HTG 360 manages over 2500 locations with less than 0.015% churn. Our team of business leaders and engineers, use their unique blend of business & technology experience to solve our client’s unique challenges. HTG 360 offers an “All-In” “STACK” technology experience to our clients, truly defining what it means to be a “Trusted Technology Partner”. For more information about HTG 360, please visit us online at or follow us on Twitter @HTG360.

About Telarus

Built for You, Telarus is the largest privately-held technology services distributor (master agent) in the United States. Our dynamic agent-partner community sources data, voice, cloud, and managed services through our robust portfolio of 150 leading service providers. We are best known for our home-grown software pricing tools and mobile apps that are unique in the industry. To help our partners grow their businesses even more, we’ve assembled the best support organization in the business, which includes SD-WAN, Cloud, mobility, contact center, and ILEC specialty practices whose primary goal is to help our partners identify and design the right technology solutions for their customers. To learn more about the Telarus opportunity, please visit, or follow us on Twitter @Telarus.