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CIRCUIT MONITORING WITH TICKET RESOLUTION telarus master agent August  30, 2017 – Sandy, UT – Telarus, a top-rated voice and data master agent, with a history of leveraging technology for business success, announced they are preparing to launch an enhancement to their circuit monitoring offering. Partners will have the option of a paid monthly service to have circuits monitored for outages. When an outage occurs, the Telarus team will contact the provider, open a ticket, and follow that ticket to resolution.

Why Ticket Resolution?
You don’t want to manage outages. Many partners have discovered VXSuite is a sales differentiator, but realize with this comes additional work to provide value to the customer. One question we have received is, “Where will the outage alarms will be sent?” Currently the alarm notifications are sent to either the customer or to the partner. While some partners see this as a great opportunity to serve their customer, others are not prepared to handle these emergencies.

Ticket resolution was created for agents who want all the advantages of selling with VX but don’t want the work of 24/7 response and resolution responsibility.

How does a customer sign up?
The following information will need to be collected from the customer:

    1. External IP address and circuit information to be monitored
    2. Contact information to be notified and communicated with during an outage
    3. Letter of Authorization to act on the customer’s behalf
    4. Credit Card Authorization form for payment

When partners and their customer elect to add this service to their circuits, they are instructed to contact the circuit monitoring team at This team will collect all the above information. They will be provided a LOA (Letter of Authorization) for the customer to sign that will allow our team to open tickets on the customer’s behalf. The customer will also need to define the alarm contacts and whom should be updated during any outage.

If the customer is already participating in free circuit monitoring, they will have already defined this information but will need to complete the LOA. The customer will also be provided the credit card authorization form at this time.

What it is
Utilizing VXSuite probes on the east and west coast, The Telarus Network Operation Center will be monitoring the circuits testing at regular intervals. In the case of an outage The Telarus team will contact the provider, open a ticket, use best efforts to speed resolution, and communicate with appropriate parties progress updates and ticket closure.

What it isn’t
This is not an Service Level Agreement. While Telarus is monitoring and acting quickly in the case of an outage, the carrier will still follow their SLA’s and Telarus will be limited by their response and engineering response to the problem.

How much does it cost?
The price for this service will be $20 per circuit per month. The commission to the agent will be $5.00 per circuit per month. This will be paid through the normal commission systems.

Additional information
Questions should be directed to Karie Huzzey at She can assist in talking to partners teams or customers.

About Telarus

Telarus is a technology services master agent who holds contracts with over 80 data, voice, and cloud providers. To help our partners See What Others Can’t, we have created a set of tools to help them win more business. We are proud to offer our partners performance monitoring of all circuits ordered, patented pricing tools aid in carrier selection/optimization and cloud engineers to aid partners in complex network design. Our project management team ensures the services ordered are turned up properly. Account management to allow partners to focus on selling while our team manages the renewal process and upsells on their behalf. Telarus was voted the best master agent by the members of the Telecom Association for over five years in a row and is a top three channel partner for nearly all providers it represents. For more information on the Telarus partner program, please visit or call 877-346-3232.