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The July 10th Telarus Tuesday call brought manager of alliance partners and channels, Tim Cooper to talk about Expedient’s core offerings in IaaS & Managed Services.

About Expedient

Expedient provides information technology IaaS experience to enable your team’s focus on continuous innovation toward differentiators that maintain your competitive advantage. By delivering solutions composed of cloud, colocation, and network access services, Expedient’s capabilities are differentiated by highly reliable and interconnected data centers, complementary products and technically superior client experience. They are wholly owned by Landmark, which started The Weather Channel and owned 50% of Trader Publishing (aka Auto Trader) until several years ago. With a physical presence in seven cities, local experts ensure continuous service availability at eleven locations where client data is secured in both physical and virtual platforms, including colocation cabinets, cages and public and private clouds.

Expedient offers three components when it comes to Infrastructure Services; these include Cloud, Colocation, and Connectivity.

  • Cloud – Build a private cloud from which to serve clients or use an existing public cloud in one of seven cities.
  • Colocations – Establish physical colocation to install hardware pursuant to an existing architecture.
  • Connectivity – Aggregate connectivity from remote sites to cloud or colocation resources.

They also offer an array of Managed Services:

The Outcome You’re Looking For

The Outcome You’re Looking For aligns with each unique organization’s goals. Outcomes include:

  • Agility – Respond to Change Faster
  • Availability – Prevent Unplanned Downtime
  • Cost Control – Predict Monthly Operational Expense
  • Risk Mitigation – Comply with Industry and Government Mandates

So, what are some distinctive qualities that make Expedient the best choice for business?

  • National Capability, Local Service 11 data centers in seven cities supported by collaborative teams of expert technology professionals to meet the most rigorous business continuity requirements
  • Technology – continuously improved converged infrastructure composed of best-in-class components proven to deliver maximum performance and cost-effectiveness (value)
  • Capacity – an experienced, tenured and financially strong organization, possessing a variety of resources that enable the scalability and flexibility necessary to meet client-driven demands quickly
  • Operational Excellence – people, processes, and procedures continuously measured and improved over time to make doing business efficient and pleasant for clients

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