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The September 17th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Mitel’s VP of channels, John Lindsley and national channel manager, Rich Fry to discuss what differentiates Mitel from other UCaaS/CCaaS providers. The entire recording is available here.

Benefits of MiCloud Connect

MiCloud Connect is a complete cloud business communications service that delivers seamless voice, collaboration, and contact center solutions from a single provider. By combining intuitive user experience and flexible service plans with Google Cloud’s proven reliability, MiCloud Connect makes every aspect of cloud communications and collaboration simple and secure.

Earlier this year Mitel also announced an expanded partnership with Talkdesk. Mitel now offers MiCloud Connect CX and MiCloud Connect CC. For customers who require a more robust omni-channel experience, you can offer the MiCloud Connect CX option. Deliver personalized customer experiences with a cloud-native solution that combines enterprise-class modern cloud architecture with a consumer-like experience. MiCloud Connect CX can help your business make the customer experience its competitive advantage.


Mitel has also launched the MiCloud FastTrack program, which helps you drive through sales roadblocks. You can easily register qualified MiCloud Connect opportunities and let Mitel turn them into wins. The MiCloud FastTrack Program empowers partners to close more deals faster than ever before. By providing partners with a dedicated product and sales expert, they’ll be ready to handle any opportunity no matter the size. The FastTrack program empowers partners with the freedom to be involved as much or as little as they choose, from quote to cash to renewal. With every registered, qualified opportunity partners have the advantage of:

  • Driving their level of engagement
  • Consistent & trusted sales processes
  • Mitel-led cloud sales and support from beginning to end
  • A dedicated customer success team for the life of the customer
  • Full commission on all closed-won opportunities

Mitel Differentiators

Mitel is a global market leader in business communications, powering more than two billion business connections with heir cloud, enterprise, and next-gen collaboration applications. With more than 70 million users in nearly 100 countries, Mitel is the only company that wakes up every day exclusively focused on helping customers take their communications from where they are today to where they expect them to be. So, what makes Mitel different?

  • Partner First, Channel Only, No Direct Sales, No Channel Conflict
  • Mitel owns the entire customer experience, phones, platform, software, security, etc.
  • SPIFFs paid up front (contract signature)
  • Mix & match UCaaS profiles
  • Multiple Contact Center Solutions (CCaaS)
  • Customers invoiced AFTER activation
  • Customer Success Manager assigned to every customer
  • Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Options

Project Management on every saleQ&A

Q: What is the reach in the Caribbean?
A: We cannot provide local numbers in the Caribbean yet.  But we can provide MiCloud Connect service there (or anywhere) if they have a US-based site and can use US-based phone numbers.

Q: What is the presence in Europe?
A: Mitel is the #1 provider of UC/UCaaS solutions in Europe and either #1 or #2 in each individual country where we provide local service.  We have MiCloud Connect availability in the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.  In fact, our local European cloud team had a meeting with Telarus CEO Adam Edwards and SVP sales Scott Forbush in the UK just this week to help Telarus further expand their reach beyond the US, Australia, and Canada.

Q: Earlier you discussed the multiple contact center options, can you talk a little bit about the reasons for the different options?
A: MiCloud Connect “CC” has a basic Contact Center solution that comes included out-of-the-box.  It is very value-based and can accomplish the most basic needs of a Contact Center including multi-channel options.  MiCloud Connect “CX” (powered by TalkDesk) is a highly customizable, on-demand scalable, AI-infused tools enabled, Omnichannel solution with advanced analytics and reporting.  It’s an over-the-top solution today all billable on Mitel invoices but will be fully integrated into the Connect call control by year end.

Q: Can you give a basic rundown of what is included in the $29.99 per user option?
A: Includes all business telephony call handling features, plus advanced call and collaboration features such as instant messaging, SMS, presence, video calling, conferencing, web sharing and online meetings. Ideal for users who need collaboration tools and don’t require any CRM integration.  Pricing is subject to volume discounts, competitive situations, etc. Please view the $29.99 as a rack rate pre-discount and work with your Mitel support team to drive the most valuable seat price possible.  We also have Premier and Elite seats that provide even more advanced capabilities.  With Mitel, you can mix & match profiles to meet the needs of each individual in the organization without breaking the bank.

Q: Do MiCloud Connect users have to use a Mitel handset?
A: Mitel’s solution is Mitel end-to-end.  We own accountability on the entire solution, so we require customers to use our phones.  They have options when choosing a phone and some of them are free depending on the customer promotion we choose to implement to win over the customer.  It is a clear differentiator for Mitel that we provide the entire solution end-to-end.

Q: You mentioned project management, what does that look like for Mitel?
A: Mitel assigns a Project Manager (PM) for every order.  The PM is primarily responsible for ensuring the customer experience is first class from the point of contract signature all the way through implementation.  Once the implementation is complete, the PM hands the customer off to their Customer Success Manager (CSM) who is also assigned at order entry to ensure a smooth transition.  This CSM will manage the customer through their entire lifecycle which makes the customer stickier to Mitel and keeps commissions pouring into the pockets of Telarus partners.  We pay our Partners for the life of the customer’s cloud service.  As long as they are a cloud customer of Mitel, you will be paid if you were the original selling Partner.

Q: What can partners expect from Mitels marketing support and how do they find it?
A: Short answer: reach out to Rich Fry at 801-636-2113 or  Mitel has a full slate of marketing professionals that can help with all sorts of marketing needs.  One in particular is our Business Development (BD) team.  If you have leads that you don’t have the bandwidth to qualify, develop, sell, etc. we can engage our BD team to do all of that for you.  They can work with you, alongside you, or in place of you.  Whichever version you choose, you get paid when the deals close including SPIFFs, bonuses, and President’s Club credit (Mitel sponsors Telarus President’s Club – sell $15k MRR with Mitel and we send you to Puerto Vallarta in March).

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