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The May 1st Telarus Tuesday call brought PGi director of partner sales, Don Felman to talk about how to expand your sales to include conferencing and collaboration. Telarus VX channel manager, Karie Huzzey also joins us to discuss how partners are finding success with VXSupportLine. The entire recording can be found here.

Introducing VXSupportLine

VXSupportLine is a platform enabling a Cloud Self-Service workflow that shows relevant information between the End User and the Service Providers data center. This starts in the pre-sales process by removing fear and risk, ensuring applications will function as intended in the customer’s environment. As the trusted advisor, you want this because you can identify and resolve potential bottlenecks in the customer’s environment before deployment, avoiding a negative experience.

Through VXSupportLine, you can test the voice quality from an end-user’s computer to a beacon installed in the data centers of specific hosted service providers by simply visiting a URL. Based on standard network requirements the test will reflect what the hosted user experience would be at that very moment, real-time and if the network performance can support a hosted environment.

vxsuppirtline with telarus master agent

All the suppliers you see above are currently participating in VXSupportLine. The goal is to have ALL hosted service providers in our portfolio participating.  To run the test, you will enter: supplier name here. (Example:

vxsupportline tool with telarus master agent

This is the data you will see when you visit this page:

  • Find Server – can the application test even find the internet
  • Check Firewall – Confirming the correct 5060 port is open
  • Upload/download Speed – confirming there is sufficient throughput and traffic speed. This represents the speed of the test itself. How long does it take to reach the suppliers data center, and how long does it take to come back to the URL and the customer.
  • Internet Speed to You is Latency or Delay
  • Packet Errors to You is Packet loss if there is any
  • Traceroute – How many hops the test goes through to reach the supplier’s data center.

When VXSupportLine reflects negative test results, suggested next steps will be listed here.

Why VXSupportLine

With VXSupportLine you can do the following:

  • You can test the voice quality BEFORE your customer commits to a service provider. Use this tool to begin hosted conversations with your customers.
  • Establish user empowerment when there is an issue – VXSupportLine enables customers to identify if the call quality issues they are experiencing reside on their network, or if they should contact their hosted service provider. By identifying this, you give them back control of the situation.
  • And VXSupportLine is an unbiased validation to the customer. Give them transparency, top the finger-pointing.

Who is PGi?

Established in 1991, PGi began with a simple goal: Empower people and businesses to connect and collaborate. Throughout our 25-year history, PGi has met the evolving challenges of collaboration head-on, developing new and innovative solutions to better serve their customers. PGi’s expansive portfolio of communication solutions enables digital workers to connect, communicate, and collaborate every time, everywhere. In fact, that’s what their flagship communications solution, PGi GlobalMeet is all about. PGi facilitates smarter communications for nearly 50,000 customers worldwide, including 75 percent of the Fortune™ 100. Over the time PGi has been around they’ve invested and built a large audio conferencing network. Their advanced Global IP Network includes the following:

Expansive Coverage

  • IP audio network with 160+ local access points
  • Integrated worldwide VoIP network for hybrid audio
  • Localized user interface and voice prompts
  • Regionally-delivered service and support


  • One interlinked global infrastructure
    • Consistent hardware and software configurations
    • Equipment redundancy within each node
    • Node redundancy within the global network.
  • Solid partnerships and connections to 30+ telecom carriers

Audio & Web Bundles

High-quality audio is a critical component of every meeting, which is why GlobalMeet 5.0 integrates audio seamlessly into your existing collaboration solutions, like Skype for Business and WebEx. The new GlobalMeet 5.0 is HTML 5 and WebRTC based.

GlobalMeet 5.0 also offers the following:

HD Quality Video

  • Video delivers up to 1280×720 depending on users bandwidth and number of videos being displayed.

Bandwidth Management

  • Stream quality is determined by group’s bandwidth.
  • SVC Layering: user’s bandwidth determines layers received.
  • Bandwidth is monitored continuously for real-time optimization.

User Feedback

  • In the event of a very bandwidth the app will recommend the user disable video.


  • All video is encrypted using DTLS over 443.
  • Security patches come from browser providers.

Large and High-Profile Events


iMeetLive’s cloud-based webcasting software empowers users to easily create professional-quality webinars or webcasts for more than 10,000 people. Leverage features like screen share and live-polling to engage audiences and host more effective webcasts and webinars.


  • This is a mid-size to enterprise solution
  • Large, high-profile, or important events
  • Common LOB’s:
    • Marketing
    • Corporate Comm (CEO townhall & IR calls)
    • HR
    • Sales
  • Traditionally users of a lot of operator assisted calls

Differences include:

  • HTML 5 based – no download, device agnostic
  • Unlimited usage license (DIY) or Fully Managed
  • Scale – can go up to 10,000 (have gone up to 40k)
  • Amazing branding capabilities – logo’s, colors, sponsorship logos, speaker pics, email confirmations and reminders, etc.
  • Tracking and analytics – Create leads, not just participants.
  • Integration with other marketing automation tools.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Extend the life of your content.
  • Hive enabled – high quality streaming with minimal network impact.

 Skype for Business Practice


As a Microsoft Communications Partner of the year recipient, PGi offers unique and high-quality solutions to optimize the O365/Skype investment. Key integrations for Skype Online and Skype Server include:

  • PSTN Audio Conferencing
  • Video Room System Integrations
  • ‘One-Click’ Mobile App
  • CustomInvite (Outlook Toolbar plugin)
  • Skype Server Audio Integration
  • Skype help for end user support
  • Skype IM Broadcast
  • Professional Services offerings – Planning, architecture, diagnostics, integration, and adoption programs

So, how can you as a partner position the solutions?

To learn more about PGi and VXSupportLine visit and