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The October 16th Telarus Tuesday call brought Connect First senior channel manager, Patrick Wright,  Loxysoft president, Sean Vierling and Envision director of business development, David Wickler, to discuss how they are joining forces to help you manage your Workforce Management (WFM)/Workforce Optimization (WFO).

Connect First’s Evolution

In 2005, Connect First CEO and co-founder Geoff Mina and President and co-founder Richard Manulkin envisioned a new approach to contact center technology. Their dependable, cost-effective cloud-based contact center solutions found traction almost immediately, keeping the company profitable every quarter since their founding. Today, Connect First has over 500 clients worldwide and boasts a 97% customer retention rate. Below you can view a brief history of Connect First’s evolution.

Connect First has fully integrated web chat, SMS, MMS in their core platform while also integrating key PBX and WFM/WFO providers. This is a cloud communication platform built to deliver 100% satisfaction. Here is a quick look at what the platform looks like today:

Connect First has now joined forces with Loxysoft; this partnership has helped them create a simple and elegant WFO solution for your customers. The Loxysoft and Connect First partnership has other perks as well:

  • One contract for customers
  • One number to call for support
  • Certified integrations between system
  • Quicker to deploy
  • Fast ROI for customers due to employee savings

What is WFO/WFM?

Workforce Optimization (WFO) It is a series of business strategies that focus on improving customer experience and employee efficiency. Companies implement these strategies by monitoring a specific position’s activity and then assigning the appropriate number of employees to meet the forecasted activity. The two pillars of WFO are Quality Management and Workforce Management.

Workforce Management (WFM) is the art of having the right number of correctly trained and skilled staff, in the right place, and at the right time, with the right supporting resources, to handle an accurately forecasted workload at the service level and with quality. If you look at a contact center, you will realize that they are all trying to manage their cost the best they can. About 75 percent of call center costs relate to staffing; this means WFM is essential to operate at optimal cost.

Loxysoft’s ProScheduler WFM is an easy-to-use interface with low upfront cost and quick integration which allows customers to get started and see results within weeks. Their offering has the following key advantages over other WFM companies:

  • User-friendly and intuitive design.
  • Quick and powerful optimization.
  • SLA simulations and overflow calculations. Easy to deploy.
  • Great value for money, quick ROI. Great support!
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Highly scalable.

Discovering WFM opportunities is relatively easy. One of the main questions you should be asking clients is how they are currently scheduling their agents. Listen to what they say and see if there are pain points that match the qualifications. So, who is the right client for WFM?

  • Over 30 agents
  • Mainly inbound calls
  • Outbound calls would need to have agents do a mix of calls
  • Omni-channel center
  • Using excel to schedule agents
  • Not happy with current WFM system

Quality Management

Quality Management is comprised of different practices within the contact center. The quality application itself is typically run by supervisors or a quality management team, and it typically includes the following:

  • Voice and Screen Recording – Phone, Chat, E-Mail, Social
  • Quickly find the right interactions – Search, Sort and Filter
  • Customizable evaluation forms – By group, Line of Business, Department
  • Reports, Trending and Dashboard – Measure results at Agent, Department, Contact Center
  • Some have integrated e-Learning authoring and distribution
  • Some have an agent portal to receive feedback, training, view scoring and contact center communication.
  • Optional items include Speech Analytics, desktop data collection and analytics, PCI/PII Protection, and Workforce Management.

Executives overseeing contact centers need to stay ahead of trending concerns, control costs all the while ensuring agent retention and customers satisfaction. Click2Coach provides an easily accessible voice of the customer data which gives executives the insights they need for strategic and operational decisions. Here are a few discovery questions you should be asking:

  • What do you do for Agent Quality today?
  • Are you happy with it?
  • Do you have a CX or VOC initiative?
  • How do you provide agent feedback and coaching?
  • Have you thought about speech or data analytics?
  • PCI or Data Privacy Concerns?
  • Is their current QM platform old or in need of an expensive upgrade?

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