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The September 3rd Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Nexogy’s national sales director, Brian Asher, to discuss how Nexogy simplifies something that many companies over-complicate from pricing to implementation. The entire recording is available here.

Why Nexogy?

Nexogy was founded in 1999 as LD Telecom, later on, in 2004, they began to turn their focus and success to VoIP. Nexogy prides itself on service delivery and on the tools they offer their partners, because of this, they have less than two percent customer churn annually. Their average contract length is 24 months, while the average customer tenure is more than four years. So, how does Nexogy differentiate?

  • Simple, all-inclusive, and straight forward pricing.
  • In-person installation & training on any deal size.
  • Fast and accurate installations (average time to install and port is 20 business days).
  • Experience in both domestic and international deployments.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • They listen… partner added margin, 3rd party financing, in-person installations.
  • Mess-with Factor

Nexogy realized that most carriers are difficult to work with, and when a carrier is difficult to work with, customers tend to get upset during implementation. This ends up with partners becoming upset. Nexogy believes this happens because a lot of carriers haven’t updated the way they’re doing business with partners, and because of this, they created their tool in-house called DNA.

Nexogy also provides a customer-facing portal called Oxygen which makes billing easy; it also provides ways for customers to do the following:

  • Make Payments
  • Request Support
  • Call Support
  • Change Account Information
  • Obtain Account Rep Details

Hosted PBX

Nexogy offers two different pricing models. The first option offers pricing per seat while the second option offers pricing per line.

Option 1 – Per Seat Pricing ($17.99)

  • Includes all features and unlimited outbound to USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Unlimited call paths = unlimited inbound and outbound calls.
  • Examples: call center, doctor’s office.

Option 2 – Per Line Pricing ($39.99)

  • Includes all features and unlimited outbound to USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Unlimited users and unlimited extensions.
  • Examples: schools, hospitals.

While UCaaS is their core focus, Nexogy still does it all. They have wholesale agreements with carriers like GTT, AT&T, FiberLight, Nitel, Spectrum, and Comcast. They also have an SD-WAN offering through Adaptive Networks, which they can couple on top of voice. Nexogy also offers security with SOPHOS managed firewalls as well as through a third-party company called Call Cabinet for those customers who want true compliant call recording.

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