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The March 19th Telarus Tuesday call brought RingCentral’s principal specialist of digital experience, Erik Pasnak, to discuss how RingCentral Engage drives higher customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

RingCentral Engage

When you think about traditional ways that customers connect with organizations, you probably think about voice and email, but the reality is that new consumers are entering the workforce. This means a demographic shift is happening, over time you will see customers relying heavily on messaging, social and vide. By 2020 half of the workforce will be made up of millennials. The idea behind RingCentral Engage is to allow consumers to communicate with organizations the same way they interacted with each other.


RingCentral has made it possible for you to connect with your customers wherever they are online while enjoying all the benefits of an omni-digital platform. With RingCentral Engage you can collect messages from all channels to increase customer satisfaction, improve agent productivity and ultimately generate significantly higher revenue. RingCentral Engage funnels all digital customer interactions into a single, centralized platform. Meet your customers where they like to spend their time online via messaging, in-app messaging, social, live chat with contextual information access, email, and community and consumer review portals. Use smart routing and automatic language recognition to personalize your customer experience further.

Smart Routing

With RingCentral Engaged you can eliminate the need to manually transfer messages to agents with the right competency by routing messages automatically and accurately. By using their proprietary AI software, Intelligent Classification Engine, you can categorize incoming messages and push them to the right agent based on urgency and competency, resulting in improved response time, individual productivity and overall output.

Unified Platform

Improve resource handling and eliminate duplicate conversations by merging customer identities across multiple channels into a single profile. Gain a complete picture of your customer based on their historical interactions with your brand and team. Equip agents with the full customer story so they can provide a more personalized experience.

Metrics and KPIs

Upgrade your customer care strategy by collecting and using data enriched by the RingCentral Engage platform to track your activity across channels and get a full picture of your performance. Identify ambassadors and detractors, improve and upsell products, and increase profits by reducing missed opportunities in your ecosystem.

Open Platform

Embed your digital engagement platform with your existing ecosystem and processes, optimizing your tools with valuable information and centralizing your data to pace the way for improved customer experience.

Why RingCentral Engage?

RingCentral Engage enables companies to manage all their digital customer care channels within a single platform. Customer satisfaction increases rapidly due to a reduction of response time, a better allocation of resources and better management of peaks. The usage of a phone for customer care reduces every year, and digital is the obvious future. Companies using RingCentral Engage improve their internal processes and are available exactly where their clients expect them to be while reducing their expenses. So, which digital channels are supported?

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