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The May 15th Telarus Tuesday call brought RingCentral channel sales field trainer , to talk about how the cloud is winning and RingCentral is winning in the Cloud. Learn why RingCentral’s market position matters to your customer and the process by which you can exponentially increase your revenue. The entire recording can be found here.

RingCentral is the UCaaS Winner

The cloud is winning, and many of you have probably noticed that on-premise deals are becoming harder to get, on the other hand, the Cloud has been growing at an over 20 percent year over year. RingCentral itself is growing at twice the rate of the Cloud average. They are the only provider that continues to stay on the forefront of innovation while also increasing their ability to execute. RingCentral continues to define what UCaaS is and what it means, they continue to increase their ability to execute which means your customers are getting implemented correctly. They are able to ensure their customers succeed because they invest heavily into their workforce. RingCentral currently has over 2,200 employees globally with a good portion of them being customer facing. They have over twelve years of innovation developed in their custom solution and are actively traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The RingCentral Value

RingCentral has a program called Channel Harmony. This means that they will assign a RingCentral-dedication subject-matter expert to assist you in closing on any opportunity you might have. This is a win for everyone:

  • Partner receives 100% compensation.
  • RingCentral provides subject-matter experts and additional resources.
  • Customer receives customized information on RingCentral products services.

Take a look at the image below to see what this process looks like:

The Channel Harmony program will help you shorten sales cycles, it’ll increase close rates and finally it will increase your revenue. So, what are some practices that will help you close deals?

  • Use open-ended questions
  • Always ask about business impacts
  • Personalize as much as possible
  • Document all information
  • Lead registration with notes

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