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The July 18th Telarus Tuesday call brought QTS western region channel development manager, Cathleen Ventura, to talk about who they are and the products they offer. The entire recording can be found here.

Who is QTS?

QTS is a leading provider of secure, compliant data center, hybrid cloud and managed services. QTS features the nation’s only fully integrated technology services platform providing flexible, scalable solutions for the federal government, financial services, healthcare and high tech industries. They currently have about 800 employees and went public back in 2009, their stock price is at about fifty-two dollars right now and it continues to grow. QTS has been a 500 million dollar company for the last twelve months, they are also a Real Estate Investment Trust corporation which is very important to know.

QTS Global Footprint

QTS has twenty-three locations in the US with over five million square feet of state of the art custom data center infrastructure. On the map below, there are different colored locations. The red locations are mega data centers while the light and dark gray locations are where QTS manages a lot of commercial customers, they also have a couple of international locations. Because of the footprint they have they are able to manage any customer or get them close to where they want to be.

qts and telarus master agent

Their Products

QTS is the only provider that offers an integrated portfolio of custom data center colocation, cloud, and managed services. The image below represents the different buckets of services that  they can offer, the important thing to know when looking at the image is that all these products and services integrated. This means that when you have a customer sign up for just a colocation opportunity they are able to add on and bundle the other services either at the time they sign a contract or even midway through a contract. This is called revenue portability.

Products QTS offers:

  • Connectivity – QTS recognizes that the connectivity challenges of today are largely driven by consolidation, virtualization and adaptive architectures. Their agile connectivity solutions provide you with both unification across your communication infrastructure and with built-in network scale, reliability, and high-performance.
  • Colocation – In addition to the capital and resource investments made in our infrastructure, QTS also focuses on the systems, people and processes necessary to deliver maximum up-time and reliability. Each colocation data center has been designed and built with the redundancy to minimize single points of failure and the security necessary to protect your assets.
  • Managed Hosting – QTS helps organizations of all sizes meet application performance and operational support requirements. Through a combination of state-of-the-art data centers, best-of-breed technologies, world-class connectivity, stringent security and compliance standards, and unmatched support, their managed solutions are designed to give you just the right amount of control and support you need.
  • Managed Services – QTS offers a broad array of monitoring and management solutions that deliver enhanced performance and security capabilities across your hosted infrastructure.
  • Cloud Services – QTS steps outside the box by delivering seamless hybrid cloud hosting solutions using proven, best-in-breed platform technologies that combine the rapid availability and elasticity of compute resources with the security and control their global enterprise and federal customers demand to support their mission critical applications and workloads.
  • Custom Data Center – QTS Custom Data Center Solutions include Multi-tenant, Build to Suit, Critical Facilities Managements and Sale/Lease-back options. Their solutions provide ample power and space for you to quickly scale your environments as your business needs change. A unique laser focus on compliance and security provides optimal conditions for your mission-critical infrastructure on a global scale.

Opportunities in 2017

QTS can now add multiple services onto traditional Colocation which means that they can now help customers with Hybrid IT environments, this is a big initiative for a lot of customers. They are now able to tap into a multi-tenant data center, a public cloud, a private or a managed cloud and bring all those together in a Hybrid environment. If there is a Hybrid environment a customer’s interested in QTS can usually connect whatever it is they need.

Another thing QTS has recently added a Service Delivery Platform which is free for customers. It’s a platform where customers have access to everything that they’re doing with QTS, it can be deployed as an application on a regular operating system, and can be integrated with the customers API. This gives them a view into power consumption, any hybrid solutions that they are trying to monitor, or their service tickets.

QTS Channels Team

QTS has a Channel Manager in every major region to help you out, as well as sales reps with feet on the street. Below you can see what the QTS coverage looks like.

When to Bring in QTS?

  • Colocation Services opportunities where our data centers meet your clients requirements
  • Cloud Services opportunities
    • Multi-tenant, self service cloud
    • Dedicated private cloud
    • Healthcare Community Cloud
    • FedRamp Compliant Cloud
  • Regulated industries – compliance is important
  • Hybrid IT – the more complex and custom the requirements, the better we look

You might be wondering how you can bring QTS in. All you need to do is contact your QTS area Channel Manager. QTS also has an online lead registration you can use. To learn more about QTS please visit