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The December 10th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed AT&T’s senior director cybersecurity, Nick Simmons, and Telarus VP of business development, Dominique Singer, to discuss cybersecurity and how to leverage risk to uncover opportunities to protect and win with AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions.  The entire recording is available here.

AT&T Cybersecurity: A New Approach

When it comes to cybersecurity, AT&T has a new approach to unified security management. This means they are bringing together phenomenal threat intelligence called Alien Labs, a collaborative defense with cybersecurity, as well as bringing it all together to provide security without the seams. Their customers have an entire security division working together from sales to AT&T’s Alien Labs team collaborating.

So, what does their security lifecycle look like?

  • Asses & Plan
    • Understand the environment
    • Identify vulnerabilities
    • Assess risk
    • Plan for compliance audits
    • Plan strategic transformation
    • Plan security strategy
  • Protect & Prevent
    • Secure the infrastructure
    • Protect threat vectors
    • Implement policy controls
    • Manage security posture
    • Augment/implement security
    • Operations
    • Train Users
  • Detect & Respond
    • Detect threats
    • Orchestrate response
    • Remediate and recover
    • Maintain business continuity

AT&T’s main goal is to keep it simple.

Winning Plays

When you think about Cyber Risk Posture Assessments, don’t think of this as taking a look at the technologies customers have in place or what they are doing as an instant response. Think of this as a full holistic outlook of managing and understanding their risks. When it comes to Cyber Risk Posture Assessments, AT&T has three offerings:

Reactive DDoS Defense is something every organization should have if they have any external IP addresses. AT&T’s offering includes:

  • Usage-based on the number of times mitigation is requested.
  • Simultaneous mitigation of up to ten hosts or public IP addresses, 8-hour period.
  • Supports AT&T ADI-
    • 10Mbps and up to, but not including 100Mbps
    • 100Mbps and up to 1Gpbs circuit
  • Pricing
    • MRC 10Mbps up to, but not including 100Mbps = $98/month
    • 100Mbps up to 1Gbps = $301/month per circuit charge

AT&T’s Global Security Gateway is a cloud-native approach to web and internet security.

Lastly, AT&T also has a Managed Threat Detection & Response solution to offer.

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