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The July 2 Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Altice national business development manager Shirley AhSing, and director of channel Laura Keon to review the new and exciting product portfolio, including Security, Aggregation, and IT Services. The entire recording is available here.

Altice USA Channel

Altice USA is a communications and media company that enables its customers through the power of connectivity. From high-speed broadband and ultra-HD video to digital advertising solutions, local news, and voice offering, they are making connections possible around the country.

Altice recently launched their new product, Altice Aggregation. This product is ideal for multi-site organizations that desire a single point of contact, circuit provisioning, and day-to-day maintenance. Customers benefit from the simplicity of a single billing statement rather than invoices for hundreds of circuits or possibly from dozens of providers. Altice Aggregation Services include:

  • Prequalification
  • Project Management
  • Provider Installation
  • Consolidated Invoice
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Web Portal

Altice also provides Managed Network Monitoring along with Portal and Billing Services:

As the number of internet-connected devices continues to grow, so does the potential for mechanical failure. If your business cannot afford the downtime or the dedicated personnel it would take to manage all of these moving parts, then the right choice is Business Premier Protection & Supports (BPPS). BPPS offers device protection and IT support solutions, including:

  • Tech Experts – With BPPS you have access to thousands of US-based, highly trained technology experts providing you all the benefits of a personal IT department and none of the limitations.
  • Remote Support – No need to bring equipment out of the office, their techs will remotely troubleshoot, advise, and resolve software or connectivity problems with virtually any connected devices.
  • Mobile App – Get the solutions you need from anywhere with a one-tap to call or chat, making it the most efficient way to keep your technology running smoothly while saving time and money.

With BPPS you get all the benefits of technical support plus protection for your devices from mechanical or electrical failure. Rest assure their experts will repair or replace your current and future eligible device purchases up to $10,000 per year while you focus on doing business.

With the growing threat of hackers, viruses, spyware, and malware, it’s more important than ever to secure your data and productivity. Altice Business Net Secure stops online threats before they impact your business. Ideal for distributed and small networks, including remote and branch offices and retail/POS deployments, this advanced solution offers robust protection without impacting network throughput or performance.

To learn more about Altice USA, visit