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The March 13th Telarus Tuesday call brought Steve Bergquist of Sprint to talk about Sprint’s MultiLine and Dialpad. Also joining us is Chris Whitaker, Sierra Wireless national director of channel sales to discuss their Managed Connectivity Services. 

Sprint MultiLine  

According to Enterprise Mobility, 91 percent of enterprise IT decision makers say their companies support BYOD programs. The phone number a customer uses to call your business is important. There’s a relationship attached to it, if that phone number is an employee’s personal line, then you give up some control over the customer relationship. Sprint MultiLine solves that problem. Sprint MultiLine is a solution that provides a company-owned number for official business voice and text on employees’ personal smartphones. Employees can now manage their business and personal communications on their preferred device. The Sprint MulitiLine app works as a business phone without needing any additional SIM card or a separate device.   


Sprint’s MultiLine key features include the following:  

  • Full-Featured Phone Application – Includes separate dialer, contact list, caller ID, voicemail, SMS & Call logs, “Do Not Disturb,” auto-attendant, transfer, 3-way conferencing, and scheduler.  
  • Mobile Recording – Enables call recoding and text logging at an individual or group level to satisfy compliance obligations.  
  • Carrier Agnostic – Deploys over any primary device, regardless of underlying carrier.  
  • Secure – Works seamlessly with leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to protect company information.  
  • Carrier Grade Coverage – Ensures high call quality on cellular voice, mobile data, and WiFi.  
  • Easy to Use – Utilizes a simple, intuitive interface for a positive employee’s experience.  

With the Sprint MultiLine Management Portal, you can manage all company phone numbers and settings through a simple-to-use web portal that delivers real-time insights into usage. This portal includes number provisioning which provides complete control over company numbers; so they can be reassigned and reclaimed in seconds. It also includes mobile analytics which tracks data, text, and voice usage on the business line to better control mobile costs and simplify employee reimbursement. Lastly, it includes policy management which allows features (e.g., Mobile Recording) to be turned on or off to satisfy company or regulatory requirements.  


If you are thinking about selling Sprint MultiLine, there are a few questions you can ask your customers to figure out if they are a good fit.  

  • How do you enable workforce mobility? 
  • Do you have a formal BYOD strategy in place? 
  • What financial pressures does your mobility strategy create? 
  • Do your employees conduct business using their personal phones? 
  • What happens when those employees leave the company? 
  • How do you comply with regulatory requirements like recording? 
  • How do you see your infrastructure evolving?  

Sprint Dialpad 

With mobile workforces becoming the norm in the modern business, companies are rethinking their current communication needs. Dialpad is a business-grade voice system designed to help your users stay connected and productive wherever they go on whatever device they’re using. Built to integrate with the collaboration tools your people use every day, Dialpad gives your users a business phone number they can access on all their devices. 


Sprint Dialpad is an incredibly efficient way to get more done, giving your employees the ability to:  

  • Easily record, transfer and make 3-way calls 
  • Share department voicemail between team members 
  • Re-direct calls to appropriate departments  
  • Conveniently switch calls between mobile and desktop 
  • Rely on incoming calls through text if you’re busy 

Below are a few questions you can ask your customers if you are interested in selling Dialpad.  

  • Are you due for an upgrade to your phone system? Are you happy with your current phone system or service? 
  • Would you be open to cutting your costs over 30 percent while simplifying and modernizing your current phone system or service and using mobile devices to displace desk phones?  
  • Do you like to get more out of your cloud investment? A phone system that can integrate seamlessly with your collaboration software and give better context to your conversations? 

Managed Connectivity Solutions 

Sierra Wireless provides the most ubiquitous wireless coverage throughout North America, ensuring managed connectivity for mission-critical applications on a temporary, permanent, or backup basis. They combine the reach of major carriers, equipment, and professional services to provide 99.9 percent guaranteed connectivity, managed end-to-end across the narrowband and broadband spectrum. Here are the top reasons you should be using Sierra Wireless Managed Connectivity Solutions:  

  • 100% Coverage – They leverage all the national carrier networks 
  • Dual SIM – They now deploy dual SIM modems which give them the ability to switch carriers quickly if a tower or infrastructure problem develops within a carrier network.  
  • Guaranteed SLA – They have a three-point SLA that guarantees 99.9% uptime, 12/6 upload and download speeds, latency of less than 150 milliseconds.  
  • 24/7 Live Support – U.S. based help desk is available 
  • Single POC – They represent a single point of contact for everything wireless, from embedded modules, intelligent devices, advanced cloud platform to skilled field services and professional engineering support. This gives your clients a simple, sage and secure solution for end-to-end connectivity.  

So, what are some typical use cases when it comes to Sierra Wireless?  

  • Remote Sites – Locations with limited or no landline options 
  • Temporary –  Construction sites, pop-up stores, events 
  • Urgent need – Grand opening, storm damage, missed FOCs  
  • Failover for mission-critical systems  
    • POS, VoIP, CRM, SD-WAN, IOT/M2M – all things cloud  

To learn more about Spring and Sierra Wireless visit or