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There is untapped revenue potential for agents who decide to sell . Most agents know how to find and discuss in detail hosted unified communications solutions with their customers. However, many agents don’t realize that a few simple questions can result in big unrealized revenue. Frost & Sullivan predicts contact center opportunity in the marketplace will grow 5-fold by 2020. By then we will see a very different landscape of customer engagement models, solutions, and leading providers in this industry. 

These changes present opportunities for partners to become customer experience solution experts. There is a major evolution happening in terms of how customer service is delivered. Other channels such as email, chat, SMS, and social media are becoming more popular. Adding a Contact Center application will give the agents a full view, a single view and bring a higher satisfaction level to the customer.  

Questions to Ask When Introducing CC to your Customers for the First time. 

  • Do you currently, or would you like to, have agents across multiple locations (including at-home)? 
  • Does your contact center experience seasonal call spikes? 
  • Do you lack Capital Expenditure (CapEx) budgets needed to make upgrades or modifications to your contact center infrastructure? 
  • Are you currently operating multiple technology systems and desire to unify everyone onto a single platform? 
  • Are you looking to utilize self-service or social media to enhance your customer experience and help bring greater efficiencies? 
  • Is there some functionality you need to perform but are not able to using your current technology? 
  • Are you required to maintain compliance with industry and governmental regulations? 
  • Would you like to remove the complexity of day to day management and have the ability to make changes yourself as needed? 
  • Do you worry that a disaster might leave your contact center inoperable? Do you need to establish a disaster recovery plan? 

Understanding every aspect of this changing landscape, the impact on your customer’s businesses, and developing a strong and timely market response will be key to success and growth in this industry. 

Gartner specifies that the opportunity in the marketplace now is over 15 billion. This is the type of growth top agents are looking for in their own business – Telarus has the tools to help you succeed. Contact us today at