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The May 8th Telarus Tuesday call brought Mitel National Channel Manger, Richard Fry and Channel Director, John Lindsley to talk about their specialties in the hosted UC space. The entire recording can be found here.

 Two Flagship Solutions

After ShoreTel was acquired by Mitel last September, a lot of people were left wondering why the acquisition happened. This happened because ShoreTel had a superior UCaaS technology and they can offer a multi-tenant cloud solution while Mitel only had a multi-instance infrastructure. Acquiring ShoreTel brought an opportunity for grown and scale.

ShoreTel’s connect platform is now called MiCloud Connect which will address most businesses’ needs, if it doesn’t then MiCloud Flex is able to address unique demands with customization and more robust features. These two platforms bring together the best in technology.

Investing in Customer Success

Customer success doesn’t just mean a successful implementation, Mitel cares about post-install success too! As explained previously, ShoreTel was acquired due to their superior technology, but they had underinvested in other places. Within six months of the activation, Mitel was able to increase their activation staff by 150 percent and was also able to centralize those resources into two centers of excellence in Texas and New York. They’ve also invested heavily in the Customer Success Management team to help your customers throughout their lifecycle. Here are a few examples of how Mitel has invested in customer success:

Why Mitel?

Here are a few reasons you should be using Mitel:

  • Breadth of Portfolio and Market Leadership
    • Basic and Complex UC offerings
    • Ease of quoting and Sales Engagement support
  • Significant Investments in Customer Experience
    • Time to activation and quality of customer experience
    • Customer Success Management for long-term MRR protection
  • Commitment to Channel Go-to-Market Strategy
    • 100% Channel Centric
    • Inside Sales capacity to close channel leads
  • Proven Track Record for Service Reliability and Support
    • Significant Investments in Data Centers and Networks
    • Significant Investments in TAC support
    • Significant Investments in Global NOC Monitoring for Proactive Resolution

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