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The May 21st Telarus Tuesday call brought ADTRAN national channel manager, Jess Zelaya, to discuss their ProCloud Customer Connect solution.

What is Customer Connect?

ADTRAN’s history in enterprise telecommunications makes them a perfect partner to help SMBs grow. By allowing you to focus on your core business, ProCloud Subscription Services brings together a suite of technology solutions that can improve efficiencies, communication, and customer experience. ProCloud Customer Connect is an instant call button digitizing the customer experience:

  • Patent-protected loud telephony via WebRTC/VoIP Communications Platform.
  • Enables worldwide calling with any online customer touchpoint (website, app, pdf, ppt, email signature, digital marketing materials, etc.)
  • No hardware, logins, downloads or plugins – just click and connect!
  • Patent-protected visual directory.
  • Capture caller data to enhance company productivity, including geo-location, session ID, IP address, and much more.
  • Advanced analytics and custom CRM integration via APIs for enhanced customer experience.

Customer Connect provides an instant voice connection from any digital touchpoint via ADTRAN’s patented virtual directory. All your customer has to do is click the “Contact us” button.

When you implement this solution, you are doing it with the purpose of it providing more of a seamless experience for the customer, but how does it do that? With the analytics you get on the back-end, you can see where the person is calling from, how long they’ve been connected, and any active tickets they might have open. Here are a few more benefits to the back-end data analytics:

  • Capture and display caller data in real time
  • Session information and data can be used to understand customer concerns and optimize customer service.
  • Solution can be integrated into your CRM system via APIs to leverage existing customer profiles for faster, personalized service, and improved marketing/sales lead generation.
  • Data can be provided specifically for each call, customer, call center, specific marketing campaign, etc.

Below you can view an example of what this will look like.

So, what are the key benefits for your customer when they use Customer Connect?

  • Secure Calling – Double encryption protects the private information of companies and their customers.
  • Global Reach – Expand your footprint with real-time calling from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world.
  • Call Center Integration – Tie into the existing contact center or CRM applications for additional customer insight.

To learn more about ADTRAN’s ProCloud Customer connect, visit