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The November 12th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Digital Realty’s senior channel sales manager, Adrian Keller, to discuss why enterprise brands trust Digital Realty and why you should too.  The entire recording is available here.

Who is Digital Realty

Digital Realty supports the data center and colocation strategies of more than 2,300 firms across its secure, network-rich portfolio of data centers located throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Digital Realty has always been strategic in its expansion by looking ahead to markets with the potential to deliver you the greatest value. Doing so has helped them establish their unparalleled global footprint and has enabled them to deliver comprehensive solutions when and where you need them. With the acquisition of Telx and Telecity, new innovative interconnection offerings like Service Exchange, and an ever-expanding global footprint, customers can thrive for longer periods with their offerings. They can grow into them earlier, and stay with them later, which helps avoid the risk associated with needing multiple providers at different points of their IT journey. Due to that strategic expansion, they can now enable customers to:

  • Future proof their IT strategy with agile data center solutions built for growth: Supporting 1 Cabinet to Multi-Megawatt Deployments
  • Harness the power of proximity needed for latency-sensitive applications from an industry leader offering interconnection on a global scale
  • Remove some of the complexity of cloud migration by offering flexibility in secure multi-cloud connectivity options, through SX, and offering self-provisioning bandwidth-on-demand
  • Enable growth strategies with minimal risk and costs by enabling customers to leverage the optimal combination of Colo, Cloud Compute and Internet Gateways under a single, secure environment

Digital Realty brings all the critical data center, network, and cloud connectivity elements together into a single secure environment. They create comprehensive solutions meeting their customers’ needs in space, colo, and interconnection. Customers can get what they need, when and where you need it.

As the 5th Largest REIT, they offer the following:

They are striving to enable your success by providing a comprehensive Customer Success Team based on the solid foundation of their Global Command Center, Dedicated Customer Support, and a Continuous Feedback Loop driving continuous improvement.


Digital Realty is the largest buyer of renewable energy among data center providers, and they have certified more green buildings than any other data center provider.

So, why should you trust Digital Realty?

  • Choose from a portfolio of data centers owned by an industry leader
  • Utilize lowest risk provider with 16 years of industry experience and most competitive global supply chain
  • Safest partner for your mission-critical workloads with $37 Billion enterprise value and investment credit grade ratings

To learn more about Digital Realty visit,