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The April 14th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed CSO, Mark Szotkowski, to talk about the services RapidScale recommends for work-from-home efforts.  The entire recording is available here.

Benefits of Being Cloud-Enabled

RapidScale is a managed cloud service provider, which means that working from home for them is standard practice. As trends around the remote work pick up speed, there is now a spotlight on the need to be cloud-enabled. These are times when you need to be available to your customers and help them understand that there are different strategies and technologies which will allow them to continue to work as if they were in their offices.

When it comes to remote work adoption, there are some barriers.

Even though there are barriers to remote work adoption, but they are very easily overcome. There are many benefits when it comes to being cloud-enabled.

  • Flexibility – Carry on productively in a secure and collaborative manner, no matter what external factors are at play.
  • Predictable Costs – Do more with less real estate and cut costs while shifting to a more flexible consumption-based OpEx model.
  • Attract New Talent – Work with top professionals, no matter where they’re located, and attract talent that’s looking for more flexible options.

So, what are some of RapidScale’s solutions for remote work?

  • CloudDesktop – Move apps and data to the cloud while maintaining secure and seamless access from anywhere, on any device.
  • Managed Services for Office 365 – Combines an already powerful solutions with options for migration, management, backup, support, and digital enablement.

RapidScale can handle the day-to-day monitoring and management of a business’ IT environment, effectively becoming an extension of the IT department. You can help your customers work better together, even when they’re apart, and RapidScale is here to help with new bundle offerings.

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