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The February 6th Telarus Tuesday call brought Jon Heaps and Phil Chandler of Talkdesk to discuss how they are disrupting traditional contact center technology. We are also joined by Phil Brekke, Dizzion channel development manager who discusses opportunities that Desktop as a Service presents for partners.  

CRM Integrations for the Contact Center  

Talkdesk was recently named a “Visionary” on Gartner’s Contact Center Magic Quadrant because of success with CRM integration for contact centers. They achieved this goal faster than any other company in history, which supports their message that Talkdesk is innovating faster than their competitors. A lot of the key competitors in the leader’s quadrant have either lost ground, or they have remained unchanged from the previous year. Talkdesk has invested 50% of their resources in R&D, because of this they have been able to keep moving forward. Three of Talkdesk’s top strengths include:  

  1. Talkdesk takes an innovative approach with its AppConnect partner program, as partners must agree to offer one-click installation, pay-as-you-go billing, and a 30-day free trial. This makes it easy and low risk for customers to add functionality such as workforce management, speech analytics, and business intelligence. 
  2. Talkdesk can provide global voice quality guarantees based on MOS measures and backed by service-level guarantees. 
  3. Talkdesk offers tight integration to Salesforce CRM, including single sign-on, single user management, automated workflows, integrated live and historical reporting, omnichannel integration and integrated SMS. 


CRM is a technology for managing all of a company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. When it comes to CRM about 85 to 95 percent of your clients are using it. This means that it is one of the most important areas to focus on. Today you will learn how Talkdesk ties in tightly with CRM. So, what is a CRM Integration? A CRM Integration links all critical customer and prospect data into the contact center, and vice versa. When it comes to CRM Integration, Talkdesk does it better than anyone else for multiple reasons. Talkdesk’s Callbar is a new web application that allows users to make and receive phone calls from anywhere on the desktop with the added benefits of call logging, screen pops, click-to-call and more. Callbar eliminates the need to search through tabs in your browser ensuring you never miss a call again; it conveniently sits on top to allow free roaming across browser tabs. Another thing that makes Talkdesk stand out is the fact that they are the only contact center vendor who has native reporting in the Salesforce User Interface. So, what are some of the benefits of a CRM integration?  

  • Greater Visibility:  
    • Access to more customer/prospect data  
    • Comprehensive reporting 
    • Call data correlation with sales and service metrics  
  • Increased Productivity:  
    • Dozens of automations  
    • Accurate data logging  
    • One unified application  
  • Improved CSAT (Customer Satisfaction):  
    • Data-driven routing 
    • Personalized conversations  
    • Engaging with customers on their preferred channel  
  • More Closed Business:  
    • Faster responses  
    • Quicker time-to-resolution  
    • More effective lead nurture 

Talkdesk AppConnect 

Talkdesk has provided a platform in the contact center space and has allowed others to put apps on their platform. They currently have a total of forty different applications you can download to give your customer a better user experience. As the world’s first enterprise app store, Talkdesk AppConnect unites best-in-breed software to redefine the way businesses integrate their call center platform. AppConnect facilitates every step of the process, from discovery to purchase. It also eliminates the lengthy deployments that businesses typically go through with self-service, it is a one-click install process. All you have to do is select a plan to add users and begin enjoying the app’s benefits right away. With AppConnect, teams can try any app for a minimum of thirty days at no cost.  

Talkdesk provides technology with simplicity, connectivity, and flexibility. To learn more about Talkdesk visit 

Dig Deep with Dizzion 

Dizzion is a global provider of end-user computing services, including cloud-delivered Desktops as a Service, paired with complementary offerings like secure endpoints, application streaming, and cloud storage. The company is delivering the next generation of virtual desktop solutions to meet the demands of a remote global workforce in industries with stringent security and compliance needs, including business process outsourcing, financial services, healthcare, and insurance. In a world that we hear about data breaches daily, it’s interesting that not many people are addressing the most vulnerable aspect of their company. Network and infrastructure are only as secure as the people who have access to it; the reality is that without a proper endpoint solution in place your customer’s data is at risk. The common theme is that everything connects back to the Desktop, the unique thing about the Desktop is that it connects to everything. Here are a few of the benefits of Desktop:  

  • Access to the app stack equals more opportunities  
  • Visibility into areas of improvement such as network (MPLS, SD-WAN, DIA), Infrastructure (Cloud or Colo), Telephony (UCaaS and CCaaS), Business Continuity and more.  
  • Expand revenue by tapping into the end user productivity 
  • There are a lot of technology solutions on the market but not many that provide insights into end-user productivity and analytics, Dizzion Control Panel does just that. 
  • Greater insights into your customers’ business  
  • Better understanding of the business will allow you to take on a more strategic selling approach and better relationships with customers.  
  • Enables a modern workforce & meet future demand  
  • Addresses trends such as working at home and mobility  

Dizzion’s core focus is on Virtual Desktops and the end-user experience, comparatively to competition that’s on the market today it is an all-inclusive service. Dizzion’s services include:  

  • Cloud Desktops – High-performance end-user computing from any device, anywhere, anytime with our fully-managed, virtual desktop solutions. 
  • Security & User Controls – Multiple security layers and more than 100 user controls ensure sensitive data is secure and users access only what they need.  
  • Compliant Desktops – Audit-ready HIPAA and PCI compliant cloud desktops can assist you in satisfying audit requirements and get compliant more quickly.  
  • Secure Endpoints – Access cloud desktops simply and affordably without the traditional hassles of hardware maintenance and support.  
  • Cloud Storage – High-performance storage options enable file sharing, archival, and collaboration for a robust end-user computing experience. 
  • Application Streaming – Quickly deliver single applications to groups of end users through centralized management and provisioning.  

So, what are some ideal target industries and ideal use cases? 

  ideal use cases for contact center with telarus master agent

To learn more about Dizzion and Talkdesk visit and