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The June 18th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed IntelePeer CCO, Jeremy Jones, and senior product manager, Shaughnessy Speirs to discuss IntelePeer’s Atmosphere® Communications Platform. The entire recording can be found here.

CPaaS will Open Doors

As we introduce you to IntelePeer, and their “reason for being,” we think the visual below helps define the value they bring to their clients.  What is it that you think of when you see these very recognizable logos?

These big brands, once on top of their game fell into the success trap.  They were complacent with the things that worked before, and they failed to innovate or transform for continued relevance.  The result? Now they are gone. Blockbuster, with 9,000 stores and 80,000 employees, was replaced by Netflix.  Netflix is three times its size and has no stores. This is a great example of leveraging transformative technology like streaming to improve the customer experience and displace a leader. Today the digital transformation conversation is everywhere. How do we use or leverage technology to improve business outcomes and customer experience? Done correctly, this will increase sales and boost brand loyalty, and this is where IntelePeer fits in.

CPaaS doesn’t only provide solutions to solve business challenges; it will also open doors across the enterprise. So how can CPaaS help you, and where do you see this working for your organization?

Atmosphere Applications


Three products comprise the value of the Atmosphere platform. These include SmartFlows, Engage, and Insights. Atmosphere SmartFlows is an intuitive graphical interface that can be used to create and manage omni-channel communication workflows, applications, and campaigns.

  • Automate inbound and outbound interactions
    • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs with inbound and outbound flows that you can completely tailor to meet your specific business needs.
    • Deliver an omni-channel experience for customer interactions with voice, SMS, and social media capabilities.
  • Integrate communications with business applications and processes
    • Streamline business processes by integrating communications into your other business applications, such as CRM, marketing automation, Contact Center software, billing systems, and more.
    • Enable applications to respond to inbound communications and trigger outbound voice and messaging notifications.
  • Measure and act on your results for continuous improvement
    • Access customer interaction data and results on your applications through dashboards and reporting
    • Quickly view snapshots of your last call or overall success of the campaign.
    • Take action in real-time off of conversations/activities in progress.
    • Integrate with Atmosphere® Analytics for enriched insights on customer experience.

With Atmosphere Engage, you can easily manage and execute omni-channel campaigns. With pre-built template and flows, teams across the enterprise can build campaigns and manage the process of communicating with audiences all in one place.

  • Manage Lists
    • Create targeted audiences specific to a product or promotion
    • Easily upload .csv file and access previously uploaded lists
    • Roadmap – Segment your lists based on location, industry, communication preference
    • Roadmap – Suppression lists and opt-out functionality provide another layer of targeting and compliance
  • Customize and control your interactions
    • Access pre-built templates and flows from the customer library (SmartFlows)
    • Craft your message using text or audio
  • Schedule outreach – Roadmap
    • Schedule and run outbound campaigns
    • Configure the campaign to reach more people by assigning voicemail messages and rules for reattempting communications
  • Measure your results for continuous improvement (through Insights)
    • View at-a-glance dashboard of campaign results — roadmap
    • Schedule daily or weekly reports on campaign analytics – roadmap

IntelePeer also offers Atmosphere Insights, which is their analytics platform; it allows you to make more informed decisions with actionable insights into all customer interactions.

Below you can take a look at the CPaaS packages IntelePeer is currently offering:

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