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The October 2nd Telarus Tuesday call brought wireline channel manager, Sam Wolf, to discuss how Sprint Business Wi-Fi can help you transform your customer’s guest Wi-Fi from a cost burden into a revenue-generating platform.  

Multiple Login Options 

Sprint is a tier one global provider with an all IP next-generation network; they do everything from MPLS, DIA, SD-WAN, and UC. Sprint’s business Wi-Fi has been around for a long time, and it provides a unique solution on the guest side. It provides the capability to break up the corporate from the guest Wi-Fi while keeping the security and firewalls in place, but it also provides some unique features and abilities. This includes content marketing and also lets you collect data analytics from those users that are logging into the guest Wi-Fi. In the image below, you can view the splash page of what a user would see when they log in to the guest Wi-Fi. This splash page is easily customizable through a cloud-based portal that works through jpg drag-and-drop. This portal doesn’t require any HTML coding.


Below you can also view an example of the welcome page a user would see when they log in. This is easily customizable as well. 

Device and User Details 

Sprint’s business Wi-Fi allows you to collect data analytics from users who log in to the guest Wi-Fi. This provides everything from name, age, gender, email, birthday, education history, etc. Basically, anything that the user has on their social media profile will be captured. It also captures things such as when they visit and how long they stay along with other IT information like the type of device they are using and their IP address. Sprint can also enable content delivery and advertisements through an easy-to-use workflow that’s cloud-based. This includes static banner ads that overlay on top of any web browser; it can be a clickable link or just an advertisement. Another unique feature is being able to provide video advertising over the content delivery which can happen when they first log in. The targeted advertising can also be based on the demographic information that is captured through the social media assignments. 

Discover and Manage all Connected Devices 

Another way you can enable your customers to monetize their guest Wi-Fi is through the actual broadband delivery. When the guest’s login they can be given a speed rate limit of whatever your customer wants it to be. They can also give the option for the guests to pay for faster speed in case they want to stream Netflix or anything like that, this can be done through the captive portal.  Sprint’s business Wi-Fi also allows a lot more control; your customer can now define speeds for all the users.  

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