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The October 23rd Telarus Tuesday call brought director of marketing, William Steen, to talk about how Comcast Business is the only SD-WAN provider that has a complete solution with nationwide availability, a gig-powered network, and roadmap of VNFs to solve your customer challenges.

Building a Better Virtualized Network

The market for SD-WAN is growing exponentially; analysts forecast that spending on SD-WAN products will increase between a 30.2 and 40.4 percent through 2022.  The value of SD-WAN is resonating within the mid-market enterprise space. While only 15 percent of customers have deployed SD-WAN 18 percent of customers have a deployment underway and 61 percent of customers are looking to deploy SD-WAN within the next two years. This is a tremendous revenue opportunity for the partner channel.

A little over a year ago Comcast launched their Activecore platform. This is a platform based on SDN technology which enables you and your customer to take advantage of software-based virtual network functions. Instead, a box for a firewall, a box for a router and another box for application optimization, Comcast can now virtualize those and make software which can run through just one box. When they designed their SDN platform foundation they decided to use Versa as part of it, they’ve done a lot of application development and currently have twelve patents pending regarding their digital experience and integration into their back office. So, what else does their Activecore platform include?

  • Enterprise-Class Solution
  • VNF Orchestration
  • Freedom from Vendor Lock Enable Scalability
  • Ground-breaking digital experience
    • Actionable insights across the entire network
    • Detailed site analytics (latency, jitter, packet loss)
    • Centralized management via desktop and mobile app
  • Low touch installations

The first VNF Comcast has rolled out on the Activecore platform is SD-WAN.

In addition to the platform and the SDN capabilities, Comcast has a full partner program. This starts with their channel team which includes sales engineers, partner sales managers, and operations. Comcast Control Center (C3) gives you access to quoting and additional marketing tools. They plan on being very aggressive regarding their education, including more webinars, videos, and newsletters. Lastly, they are also working on other great resources like collateral, white papers, and print point. Comcast wants to provide the tools and materials you need to go out and have conversations with your customers.

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