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The November 13th Telarus Tuesday call brought director of account management, Kelly Hoyle, to talk about how the Telarus Account Management team can take on the management of your base.

Why Telarus Account Management

Telarus provides account managers that will take on the task of day to day support, so you can spend your time doing what you do best. Telarus will ensure a smooth transition, alleviate the burden of managing changes, and free up valuable time for our partners and their customer’s.

Account Management is built to take care of all post-sales activity and to help you grow your business. The Account Management team offers help with the following:

  • Bill Reviews
    • Review the bill for accuracy
    • Request credits
    • Escalate to resolve issues
  • MAC Assistance
    • Moves
    • Adds
    • Changes
  • Support Escalation
    • Escalate open tickets
    • Request ROF’s (reason for outage)
  • Marketing
    • Marketing drips
    • Customized slicks
  • Retention/Growth
    • Renew customer contracts
    • Proactive reach-outs
    • Up-Sell your base
  • Moving
    • Qualify moves
    • Assist on paperwork
    • Coordinate installs

Account Management works very closely with the Telarus Marketing team, and together they can offer marketing campaigns. These campaigns are sent out on a monthly basis to the client base, this creates mindshare and drives new opportunities. They also send out a couple of marketing slicks which are also white labeled with your business and logo. Below you can view two examples of these slicks.

The Account Management team will begin by evaluating where they can provide value for the partner. They look at a partner’s customer base and how much of that base the partner wants them to manage. This provides them with a customer selection. Once they have evaluated the customer selection, they will come up with an agreement where they outline all the different fees for Account Management. The third step is going through the white labeling process. Once this step is complete they will have an email address, a telephone number and all of the marketing material designed.

There is tremendous value in using account management; they can provide you with a full team of trained professionals to support your customer base. They also focus on contract renewals; their focus is on retaining existing customers by increasing renewal rates and reducing churn. Account Management also offers new products and services to your customers; they will grow sales with your existing customers by providing them with another consultant to identify and close new upsell opportunities. We know that your time is valuable and by allowing Telarus Account Management professionals to free up your time you will be able to focus on growing your base, with the peace of mind that your clients are in good hands.