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Better with Telarus

We are excited you would like to Join the LogMeIn Partner Network through the Telarus Agency.  When leveraging our LMI Master contract you qualify for increased commission levels, now starting at 20% for new LMI agents on new LMI business.  At Telarus, there is flexibility to concentrate on specific product with your clients or we can assist you to incorporate a whole solutions approach with a streamlined processes to maximize return on your time.  On top of that Telarus also offer unique added services in support of our agents, such as:

  • Knowledgeable Engineering assistance
  • Experienced Account Management
  • Financing –  use your LMI accounts through Telarus as collateral for growth opportunities
  • Take advantage of industry education, reliable support and open access for providing multiple services to your customer accounts under one master contract

We are thrilled to partner with you! Fill out the form to let us know you are interested and let’s discuss how you can continue to grow your business selling LogMeIn Products.

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