How to Advise Your Clients to Ease into the AI Revolution

During the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in April, a Telarus panel focused on driving revenue in contact centers through AI, analytics and more. Panelists ranged from cloud-based contact center providers to WFO solution providers, but one of the most discussed topics during the panel was that of AI in the contact center.

It was clear from the audience’s questions that there was a strong desire to dive deeper into artificial intelligence and how it relates to customer experience. So, we’ve put together a 30-minute webinar with an expert in the field of AI, contact center operations, consulting and computer science – Tom Lewis, CEO of SmartAction.

Do you have a client or prospect in mind who is looking to automate complex conversations that their live agents are currently taking? If so, they may be a good candidate for a solution like SmartAction. Email Ray Hicken directly to learn more.

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