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IGI is the creator of the Nodeware automated vulnerability management solution, and one of the first Telarus suppliers focused on cybersecurity products and services. Nodeware enhances cybersecurity by continuously identifying, monitoring, and notifying businesses of potential vulnerabilities in their networks—all with breakthrough simplicity and affordability.

What IGI Can Do For You

Product Development

Virtualization Solutions

Security and Audit

Solution Integration

What is Nodeware

Types of partners include security consulting companies, security service providers, managed service providers, and resellers that use Nodeware when providing security and remediation services to their customers.Their partners are the front line of technical support to the customer while IGI continues to provide a second tier of support to both the partner and their customer.

Nodeware enables its partners to enhance their current cybersecurity product offerings, or take their first step in the world of SMB cybersecurity. Successful partners often upsell other security products and services that compliment Nodeware’s vulnerability management solution.

  • Continuous monitoring means 24x7 vulnerability detection
  • Enhances and complements other cybersecurity managed services
  • While other security products require up to 70% network utilization, Nodeware uses less than 5%
  • Flexible based on customer size and needs

What you should know about IGI

Based in Rochester, NY, Infinite Group, Inc. (IGI) has evolved since its establishment in 1986 to become an innovative technology organization focused on developing and delivering security and IT products and solutions. IGI is the developer of the patent-pending Nodeware vulnerability management system. IGI also provides security consulting, audit services, and virtualization solutions that enable enterprises, SMBs and SLED customers to solve problems, simplify processes and secure data.


2017 Vendor on the Vanguard, ChannelPro Network

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