Telarus Marketing Internal Resource Hub

This page is for internal use only! We want to make this a quick resource to get you fast answers to common questions and needs that fall outside of our offered marketing service page, which should likewise answer most questions. Let Sean know if you believe there are items missing. Below are quick summaries of who handles what types of work in case you need to reach out to any of us. Bookmark this page for quick reference!

Roles and Responsibilities

FAQ and Resources

Regional Events

Regions are encouraged to host fun and informative regional events. A guide has been created to walk you through setting up an event registration in Constant Contact and sending your email invites. The Constant Contact Event Guide can be accessed here. After creating your event, it will automatically be added to the main events page. If you wish to involve marketing to create and launch and event, you are free to request that help. Marketing event help is a la carte and involves help with venue’s, calling partners, custom invite fliers, registration pages, and pulling and sending to partner lists. We also have a recorded training on Constant Contact that can be found here.

Aprimo FAQ

Q: How do I explain Aprimo to partners?
A: Telarus provides to our partners a self-service marketing tool called Aprimo free of charge. After registering your account, you can upload your logo and contact information and have access to free slicks, carrier-provided email campaigns, and other content all branded with your logo.

Q: Where do I send partners to get started and learn how to use Aprimo marketing slicks and email campaigns?

Q: Is there any instruction on how to use this software?
A: We have a 15 minute video tutorial that shows how to get set up, how to export slicks, and how to upload lists and send email campaigns here: 

Q: As a Telarus employee, I would like to demo Aprimo myself to better understand it.
A: We encourage it! Login to our demo account with these credentials:
UN: telarusdemo
PW: demo123

Q: Do I have to provide technical support for partners having trouble with Aprimo?
A: No. Aprimo has a trouble ticket portal they ask partners to use. You can provide them with this link:

Q: I have a partner contacting me saying his logo and or other items aren’t displaying correctly on his branded marketing slick. Or they just need Aprimo-related support in general.
A: Refer them to Aprimo Support using the link above. Sean does not have the same access and know-how that trained Aprimo support offers. Our Telarus-Aprimo contract includes 24/7 support to our partners so please refer them there. They can also be reach by chat or phone at (877) 794-8556.

Q: Why are there so many visible clickable icons outside of the brandable slick section? And is ok to click around?
A: The platform framework for features still being built out are visible and cannot be hid. If a partner asks about them, please likewise let them know that we wish to deliver additional marketing features, but in the future, since we are still testing. As a Telarus employee, sure, click around if you cannot resist. But please do not flood marketing with curiosity brought on by your wonderful and insatiable need to explore.

GeoQuote Plugin Help

Telarus does not recommend openly promoting our older Geoquote plugin. For those partners that request the plugin or need help with their existing plugin, see below.

Refer inquiring partners here first:  If further assistance is needed, the partner can contact Ned Hamzic with SH Web Designs at

I Have a Partner Who Needs Help With Their Website

Sean has taken the time to create a free guide to website management that covers everything from launching a new website to ranking online, to social media strategy and more. Refer applicable requests here:

Need: Wants a basic WordPress website on a small budget.
Solution: Refer them to SHWebDesign here:

Need: Wants a better website that will rank well in Google and is SEO friendly
Solution: Refer them to Maestros of Marketing here:

Need: Wants a website and also have someone manage it (add new content regularly, blog, newsletter)

Solution: Refer them to Clik Cloud here:

I Need Help With Social Media

Q: I need marketing to post a photo on social media for me.
A: Telarus encourages everyone to have social media profiles and post on their own. If you would like your photo or message posted on a Telarus company page, you have two options: Tag Telarus, Inc by using @telarus in the message, or go to the Telarus company page and post to that wall.

Q: How do I participate in our company’s social media efforts?
A: Below are our Facebook and Twitter feeds for easy liking, commenting, and sharing. LinkedIn links are provided alongside and is probably the most effective when it comes to the three platforms. So please engage there if not anywhere else!

Q: I have someone who would like help with their LinkedIn.

A: Amy has put together a great explanation for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

I Have a Partner That Would Like to Access Our Supplier Logos

By partnering with Telarus, our partners are allowed to choose to display supplier-approved logos on their website to communicate that they sell their products and services. Those approved logos can be accessed here.  If a desired logo is not found in this folder, it means that supplier has no approved partners to use it freely. *Please let our partners know when using these logos, that they need to link back to that suppliers official website in return.

My Partner Would Like to Use Content from Our Site On Their Website

Partners have shown interest in using the supplier page content from our site and putting it on theirs. They are allowed to use our pages as inspiration in creating their own unique content, but due to potential for duplicate content penalties from search engines like Google, it is not an accepted practice to just copy content and paste it on their domain. The internet likes all pages to be unique and does not favor copied content to provide a better user experience to users like us who search online.