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Telarus Academy Alumni Network

This exclusive group, emceed by the “Voice of Telarus”, Doug Miller, offers you entry to a monthly webinar hosted by the Telarus Advanced Solutions VPs. This hour-long webinar is designed to provide you with information on market trends, technology advances and innovations from thought leaders in advanced solutions technologies.

Meet the Team!

Telarus Advanced Solutions Team

Academy Alumni Network Schedule

9/7/22 9am PDT UCaaS    Shane Speakman 
10/5/22 9am PDT Cybersecurity    Jason Stein 
11/2/22 9am PDT Cloud    Koby Phillips 
12/7/22 9am PST Contact Center    Sam Nelson
1/4/23 9am PST Mobility/IoT    Chris Whitaker 
2/1/23 9am PST UCaaS    Shane Speakman 
3/1/23 9am PST Cybersecurity    Jason Stein 
4/5/23 9am PDT Cloud    Koby Phillips 

Each month you’ll learn about new innovations and cutting-edge advances in Cloud, Contact Center, UCaaS, Security and Mobility/IoT to support you in your sales efforts. 

Register for a webinar!