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Continue Your Sales Training with 7th Level

As a Telarus Partner who received the first part of this sales training at a Telarus event, you are now eligible to progress your sales skills with the advanced interactive sales training platform 7th Level offers.

Their learning environment is flexible. It allows you to learn while on the sales floor and on-the-go without taking time away from clients. The methodology, sales techniques and sales platform ensures a sustainable ROI for the business and progressive training at your own pace.

Their focus is on bridging the gap between today’s information-age buyers and sellers. The way of selling has changed, today’s buyer is different. The way they research, the information they have available to them and the way they interact with sales reps. Most organizations are failing to recognize this shift and apply the necessary changes to their sales models. The few organizations that are adopting the New Model of Selling are reaping tremendous benefits.

The Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning (NEPQ) methodology, developed by Jeremy Miner, 7th Level Founder & CEO, teaches you how to meet the buyers where they are. They assess this state from an exploratory and educational perspective, bringing humanity back into the selling process. Their focus on the problems you are experiencing, and the specific stages and questioning they recommend, to assist the buyer in persuading themselves.

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