How to Sell More Hosted UC

A main factor in whether or not a hosted UC sale is won or lost is trust. Buyers don't trust the cloud support model. Studies show people don't choose hosted UC solutions because they believe:

  • They are not effective
  • They cannot predict the outcomes
  • They are not transparent enough to be able to anticipate what the result will be

If we can’t enable that trust with users, then we won’t close those deals.

What Causes that Hosted UC Mistrust? 

The mistrust stems from the way end users are supported. The current model of support does not work. When users experience issues, they point fingers at their IT guys. The IT buyer points fingers at the suppliers they purchased the cloud solutions from, and then the cloud provider points their finger at the end user, device, or local network.  Since no one is responsible for the end user and there is this lack of transparency in the support model, mistrust results.

How to Overcome the Lacking Transparency 

After asking partners why they say no to hosted UC and examining a survey asking users that bought a new phone system why they didn't instead buy a hosted phone system, the majority of both parties said it was due to reliability, performance and control. For buyers, it comes down to the desired ability to check my device, LAN and internet path and trust those suppliers will work in the environment. We know the cloud works, the question is whether the quality of voice and the control of that critical application will have the quality of experience needed inside the network. Telarus, with their newly acquired VXSuite tool set, can help eliminate finger pointing and enable trust.

Introducing VXSupportLine 

VXSupportLine is a technology that makes providers more transparent to the end user experience. It starts in the presales process by removing fear and risk by ensuring applications will function as intended in the end-users environment. The providers want this because when they have a bad experience based on LAN or WAN, they incur brand damage, lost revenue, and fail to differentiate themselves. This will prove to be a win for suppliers, a win for IT buyers, and a big win for the end-user.

How It Works

Telarus partners can test voice quality from an end-user’s machine to a beacon installed in the data centers of hosted VoIP suppliers by simply visiting a URL while at the end-user’s location. The test will determine exactly what the performance will be like to that supplier, on the fly, in real-time. VXSupportLine can quickly show a customer what quality of experience they can expect if they migrate to hosted UC and help overcome many of the most common objections to hosted VoIP deployment.

Telarus partners become the experts their customers want because they are able to demonstrate the performance before anything can go wrong.  Like free circuit monitoring, this is an enabler and a segway to sell enhanced bandwidth or a better performing network.

Partners can run this self-service test and reveal:

  • If the customer can get to the internet
  • If the firewall will let the test call work
  • The connection speeds
  • The upload and download speeds
  • If there are problems in path the call takes

This gives control and trust back to the IT buyer. The user gains confidence knowing they’ve tested the product before buying. After the purchase they can run self-tests at any time. This is a game changer and as customers see the value in this tool, they will be gravitating toward those suppliers with beacons installed in their data centers.

If you look at what Telarus has done over the last few months, free circuit monitoring was added to check the connectivity back to the applications.  Now with VXSupportLine, VoIP calls can be tested for free across the same connection to prove trust to end users. Telarus believes this will alleviate finger pointing. Running the test will actually produce a list of recommendations resulting from the problems found so the IT buyer can be the expert.

Watch the demo below!

How Do Partners Get Started?

Telarus partners should contact their support teams to get started. For more information, you can reach out to Karie Huzzey. VXSupportLine is offered at no additional cost.


Q: Why did perception and trust stand out as the biggest issues here?
A: The perception becomes critical since data centers are robust and solutions have been spun up with quality engineers that know how to run a hosted solution. So if that is true, why do end users have this perception that things are unstable?  It comes back to their local network and local devices. Nobody is owning the connection from the user to the supplier. Suppliers need to enable that ability to test that last mile to the end user.

Q: Why the focus on “TrustedSky?”
A: Telarus believes suppliers want to be transparent for a lot of the reasons previously mentioned. The suppliers that invest in this technology and install the beacons will be a signal to buyers that they have nothing to hide. This will result in an alliance of trusted partners.  Telarus launched the feature with 3 suppliers to start being Jive, YipTel and Broadview. ShoreTel and many other suppliers are already in the process of joining this alliance.  At some point, they are going to want to provide this service to non-Telarus partners.  Telarus hopes for that since that means more transparency in the industry which will drive success. So the TrustedSky is the supplier alliance and VXSupportLine is the Telarus-offered testing feature that also brings in the other powerful VXSuite tools and services.

Q: How does this impact the revenue that Telarus partners are able to generate?
A: Other master agents simply cannot compete with Telarus partners since they can come into an opportunity and for the same price, provide added transparency in the circuits and the monitoring of those circuits, as well as the monitoring of this hosted UC application, both pre and post sales. That means deeper wallet share.  Telarus recently announced their triple crown incentivising partners to get 3 revenue streams out of each customer.  So increasing and protecting the connectivity revenue stream, the added hosted UC wallet share, and monitoring and management in a deeper level beyond the free versions Telarus offers. Telarus partners can have an entirely different conversation with customers that others can’t.

Q: Can this tool work on mobile devices?
A: Yes. Pull up the provided URL on the device, but be sure to be at the correct location.  Using it at a hotel will provide entirely different results.

Q: What if the supplier I am considering isn’t a member of TrustedSky?
A: Have the supplier contact Telarus and join the TrustedSky alliance.  

Not a partner yet? Contact us for more information and we'll be in touch right away!