FAQ about Telarus purchase of VXSuite

In keeping with the mission of Helping Partners Win, Telarus, is acquiring VXSuite, a diagnostic tool used by solution providers to troubleshoot voice over a data network. The deal, which is expected to close by the end of the year, will give Telarus cutting-edge software and other intellectual property it plans to roll into its “Cloud Broker” strategy to give its 2000+ channel partners the ability to actually see into the data and voice networks they sell on behalf of more than 60 providers of commercial Internet, voice, and data center services. 

 Once the acquisition is complete, Telarus will assume full control of the LVM partner channel which consists of more than 300 resellers of its VXSuite software. The LVM channel consists of MSPs and VARs of communications equipment and services.

The integration of the two organizations is expected to take three to four months as both companies assess the needs of the combined entity and leverage synergies created with the two companies. The “new Telarus” will begin to make public appearances at the Technology Innovation Conferences (TIC)—a full-day event that brings together industry thought leaders, suppliers, and partners in major cities across the country. The next TIC will take place on September 24 in Washington D.C.

Why did Telarus decide to acquire LVM?

We are acquiring VX to further our goal of “helping partners see what others can’t” and allow our partners to see into the data networks and cloud applications they’re selling. The proprietary VXSuite technology, partner channel approach, and people caused us to choose them as a best fit to fulfill this goal. 

 Roger Blohm, president of VXSuite, will head up our integration team and will work closely with the sales and marketing teams to get new information out to you as quickly as possible. 

We are excited to add Doug Tolley as senior vice president of sales. He will manage the seven regional vice presidents who support the partner channel across the United States. 

Michael Brown, the vice president of operations and software development for VXSuite, will be working together with the Telarus nine-person software development team as we combine our collective coding smarts to create some exciting new offerings. 

Amy Bailey will assume the role of vice president of marketing for Telarus. She will lead the marketing team in assisting our partners with their marketing efforts as well as increase local presence with more local and national events. 

The VXSuite partner channel is more than 300 strong and we are excited to introduce them to the Telarus offerings. We believe the solution providers and MSPs with whom they work need a complete offering and will benefit from Telarus’ current suppliers and services. 

The VXSuite technology offers a game-changing differentiation to the Telarus partner community. We are excited to add circuit monitoring notification to new circuit sales and notification plus resolution management as a value-added service. 

You will be hearing more about these new offerings in the coming months.

What new benefits will I see?

With the acquisition of the VXSuite software, you will enjoy some great new benefits. Telarus has recently announced a new 24/7 NOC, powered by VXPulse, to monitor all circuits sourced through Telarus . We will be detailing how this great new service will enhance your sales soon.

Get ready for a game-changer!

When will I see these changes?

Our integration team is working to make these features and benefits available to you as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We estimate you'll start to see some of these benefits as early as December of this year.

What is the current status of your integration and what’s next?

The definitive agreement has been signed, and the two entities are now one company under the Telarus name. LVM, Inc. will cease to exist. The VXSuite brand will remain.

What will the new Telarus management team look like?

  • Adam Edwards - Co-Founder / CEO 
  • Patrick Oborn - Co-Founder 
  • Justin Chugg - CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) 
  • Zane Christensen - CFO (Chief Financial Officer) 
  • Roger Blohm - SVP of Integration / President of VXSuite division (from VXSuite) 
  • Doug Tolley - SVP of Sales (from VXSuite) 
  • Paula McKinnon - VP of Supplier Management 
  • Amy Bailey - VP of Marketing (from VXSuite) 
  • Daniel Vest - VP of IT / Telarus Software 
  • Michael Brown - VP of IT / VXSuite Software (from VXSuite) 
  • Bryce Hayes - SVP of Operations 
  • Tyler Smith - VP of Engineering 
  • Doug Miller - VP of Project Management

Will the same support people be there?

Yes, the LVM support staff will be incorporated into the Telarus support team. The Telarus support team will also be cross-trained on the VXSuite modules.

Will my support team change?

Territories have already been realigned in anticipation of this acquisition. As a Telarus partner you are supported primarily by a Regional Vice President and a Partner Support Manager.

Regional Vice President’s are as follows: 

  • Mike Bettilyon - Regional Vice President Mountain West 
  • Vanessa Byrd—Regional Vice President Mid-Atlantic 
  • Christina Curtis—Regional Vice President Southwest and California 
  • Mike Gottwalt—Regional Vice President Midwest 
  • Kurt Karshick—Regional Vice President Northeast 
  • Ruth Morford—Regional Vice President Southeast

Does the new regional vice president know about my business?

The regional vice presidents are seasoned telecom and channel veterans. They have been in the industry for years and are very knowledgeable. The Telarus RVPs are working hard to learn the VXSuite products and the former LVM channel managers are coming up to speed on the Telarus portfolio. Regional vice presidents are responsible for all sales growth in their respective regions, including recruiting, events, business development, strategy, VXSuite and carrier service sales.

How do I find out about new things I can sell?

Contact your RVP or your PSM to learn how you can incorporate the VXSuite products into your business. We will be hosting a series of training webinars over the next few months to bring partners up to speed.

How do I position VXSuite to my customers?

VXSuite is the equivalent of a car dashboard, with a focus on finding issues of voice on a data network. The most successful partners offer their customers a free 30-day trial so they can see actual analytics before deciding if they want to keep the system in place. Hint: most customers keep it and begin paying the license fees in month two.

Not a partner yet? Contact us for more information and we'll be in touch right away!