Telarus Triple Crown

Telarus President’s Club 2017 brings an exciting new way to make qualifying for the annual exotic getaway even more attainable. President’s Club is the top recognition for Telarus partners and acts as a sales incentive and for 2017, there are now three ways to qualify.

How to Attain Triple Crown Status

As the name denotes, there are three parts that need to be sold of the four options. These numbers are not based on network assessments, but must be monthly recurring revenue (MRR) 

  • $75,000 MRR = 1 trip for two
  • $150,000 = 2 trips for two

The deals have to install and payment received to qualify.  


Minimum of $1,000


Minimum of $1,000


Minimum of $1,000


Minimum of $1,000

Why Triple Crown?

The hope is that partners will try new things and see how this can grow their business. Every solution provider’s business is unique. Each has found success in a different way, but one constant all solution providers face is the ever increasing demand of customers. It is rare it is for a business to be able to successfully add new services and modify their approach to the changing market. Some solution providers are pushed into the change by a customer, some see the requirement and change ahead of time.  Whatever the reason, it’s not easy, and we at Telarus think it’s deserving of recognition.

If the partner is only selling network, there are huge opportunities being missed with UC.  With VXSupportLine, it couldn’t be easier. All Telarus-sourced circuits have free circuit monitoring with ping and trace route tools.  Upsell and add the additional monitoring with the beacon to monitor behind the firewall and run test calls on a permanent basis. Deliver an impressive quarterly report using monitoring analytics. Be the hero so customers come back to you, the agent, since you have proven yourself as the expert. Becoming the technology expert means the agent is becoming the hub of the wheel and not just one of the many spokes.

How to Check Current Standings

On a monthly basis, starting in April, partners will be able to see if they have qualified. Partners can also talk to their support team to see where they stand as reporting is developed internally.

Triple Crown Case Study

Learn how one partner gained his Triple Crown with this case study:

Download the PDF here >

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