"Building this business from scratch has been a lot of fun. But the most rewarding part of this endeavor is to see the change in our agent's lives when they begin to make income that more than meets their immediate needs. The Telarus family is one that looks after its own with honesty and integrity. It's our goal to build a business our mothers would be proud of!"

Adam Edwards
Patrick Oborn
Founders of Telarus

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"I've had the pleasure of working with the Telarus team over the last several years as they have grown from the quick quote specialists to one of the dominant master agents in the industry. Although Telarus has long been synonymous with speed and innovation, it is their evolution as a total solution carrier that screams for the competition to stand up and take notice. Under the guidance of Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn, Telarus continues to redefine the term "master agent" with their patented Geoquote system, Back Office Support, and an experienced Channel Management Team. It's not just the tools, but the talent behind those tools that allows their agents to continue to grow, month in and month out."

Chris Shubert Chris Shubert
Director of Channel Sales, Telnes

"Telarus has always been a peculiar entity because they attract business through affiliates and then distribute such leads to their agents - a model many inside the telecom industry thought would never work. Kudos to Telarus for not following the status quo and for becoming the newest winner of the top Master Agent category."

Dan Baldwin, President
Telecom Association

Agent and Carrier Partner Testimonials

A Name You Can Trust
Choosing the right company to partner with is often the difference between success and failure. It all boils down to trust - which takes time to develop. Below we have compiled a group of testimonials that were volunteered to us for display on this web site by our agents and carrier partners. As you see here, Telarus has a solid core of agents that literally entrust their livelihoods to us. But the thing we are most proud of is our reputation for being honest and doing "right" by our agents and employees. Our goal is to make our agents, and our mothers, proud.

Telarus is THE only place to put your business....
"Telarus is the only master agent that helps me generate leads through my website. Another huge factor is that they pay on time, every month without excuses! Unfortunately in the Telecom world people are slow at paying or simply don't pay. Telarus' tools and staff give my business the edge we need to stand out from my competitors. If you're looking for a master agent to support you both in technology and personnel, that understands what it takes and cares about what happens to the client after the sale; Telarus is the only place to put your business! "

Telarus just seems to "get it"....
"Telarus to me emulates the perfect channel partner because of their culture, the tremendous talent that they have, and their ability to keep driving business. People are everything. They're the greatest asset to any company and when you work with Telarus' people and their employees, they seem to "get it". They seem to have a sense of urgency, they seem to have that true care for customers, and resolving issues before the happen, resolving issues after they happen. Their sense of urgency and their true focus on customers are a big differentiator between Telarus and everybody else. You're missing out if you are not doing business with Telarus!"

Telarus is THE best master agent hands down....
"Telarus saves my company time and money through the use of their user friendly tools and automation of paperwork. GeoQuote takes our proposal time down from days to literally minutes! Choosing Telarus has been the best decision for us. The relationships we have with them are phenomenal and they continue to help us be successful.

Telarus is one of our favorites....
"Telarus is one of our largest and favorite master agents because of their ability for instant quotability tools and back office support. They help us sell such great products in our footprint (California and Nevada), products like MPLS, VPN, Integrated, IP-based services, Internet, and classic telephony. They help us by providing better service and better support for our partners. You should give them a shot, and through them use TelePacific!"

Ken Bisnoff
Senior Vice President

Telarus has changed the way we do business....
"I will never leave Telarus! They are part of our business plan because of their unified marketing customer relationship management system that is far superior to anything I have ever seen. I have been with Telarus for over a decade, their tools allow me to have more flexibility with my schedule. Their continual investment in technology and resources help me grow my business. I truly wouldn't be where I'm at today without Telarus."

Telarus is a fantastic partner to work with....
"I just want to let everyone know that we have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with Telarus. They are a five-time winner of our Platinum Cup award - we've only given them out five times, so they're 10-for-10! They are a fantastic partner to work with. Here at ACC, our sweet spot is really in the data and IP space with complex, mission critical applications for our customers and Telarus has consistently been one of our top providers. If you are interested in being successful in that space, I definitely encourage you to reach out to reach out to those guys, get hooked up with them, and let's be successful together!"

J.D. Baker
President and CEO
ACC Business

Telarus is OUR "go-to partner"....
"Telarus' software is a cut above the rest when it comes to other master agents. Telarus is personable and I can get ahold of them on the phone. Other masters are a black hole when a problem arises. I would never go to another master agent; they have been with us through thick and thin."

Telarus will help you grow your business....
"Telarus has a tremendous amount of integrity and are phenomenal to work with. Telarus won't shove certain carriers down your throat. They truly look for the best solution to help you grow your business and exceed your customer's needs. Telarus doesn't have a hundred different flavors of carriers. They strategically partner with a niche market that you can get to know and understand.

Darren Chamberlain
SalesNet Inc.

I have never worked with a team of professionals that have such a high level of integrity...
"Telarus gives me the tools, support and complete carrier portfolio to effectively manage and support my existing customer base, as well as grow my business to new levels. Our customers are constantly impressed with the level of support we are able to provide, which is a direct result of the resources Telarus provides, such as real-time quote tools, direct access to internal and Carrier Channel Managers, Commission Management, and IT support. All of these tools and resources help me focus on my core competencies, which makes my business more profitable.

I have never worked with a team of professionals that have such a high level of integrity, honesty and so truly interested in helping me grow my business to meet and exceed my goals. I am honored to be a part of the Telarus family! Thank you, Telarus!"

I look forward to countless years of a mutually beneficial and further growing relationship...
"I have been with Telarus since 2003 and have needed no other. They cover all my needs from a place to close my own leads to even providing me with free warm leads to full support and all the carrier relationships I need. My agency has had explosive growth with them over the last few years well into 6 digits. They have given me the tools and relationships to grow referrals, VAR relationships and even handle sub-agents. Their back-office system was developed in response to the requests of myself and other users, resulting in the perfect system matched to both the user's needs AND desires. Match this with their superb integrity, always on-time commissions and concentration to detail and I can strongly state that I look forward to countless years of a mutually beneficial and further growing relationship."

Zachary Schechter
ZCS Enterprises

Telarus is the only master agent I would trust with my book of business...
"As a master agent, I understand the value of strong carrier contracts, which is why I have chosen to work with Telarus. Telarus is the only master agent I would trust with my book of business. Not only are they overwhelmingly honest, but they are the most financially secure master agent in the industry. While other master agencies are struggling to maintain their book of business, Telarus grows their book at an unprecedented rate. I feel that a major factor of their growth can be attributed to Telarus' revolutionary ideas. While everyone else continues to do business the same way they did in 1983, Telarus is pioneering new technologies for the future. Not only do I get paid more with Telarus, but my support is much better too. Telarus' resources have more time to assist me because they are not tied up working through manual processes. Telarus is built to scale and can withstand the storm of diminishing telecom margins. Telarus is the future of my business and the telecom industry as a whole."

Telarus' financial stability is second to none...
"Having dealt with many Master agents over the last 10 years, I did my homework when opening my own shop a couple years back. No one does it alone, and I found Telarus is a relationship oriented operation, giving me people who obviously care about my success. After looking at six of the major Master players, I settled on Telarus as my "go to" Master agent for all of my business that fits their product matrix.

The tools and web based operations Telarus brings to the table are second to none. Having a single resource to build a successful channel and customer relationships is tantamount to success.

My VAR sale model has been greatly streamlined by their tools, flexible contracting options and the VARNetwork Unique Value Proposition gives my firm a solid story to recruit VARs and subs.

I'm always paid right, the first time, every time, and Telarus' financial stability is second to none. For those planning a future in this business, aligning the majority of your production with a financially strong Master is essential. Additionally, Telarus does their homework on their providers, assuring both strong financials and technically competent offerings. The result? I get quality offerings at competitive price points, with solid providers.

Great job Telarus, no wonder you guys have consistently been the top Master in the channel, and will be for years to come!"”

Telarus has contributed greatly to our success in selling commercial broadband...
"We have over 15 years of corporate sales experience working for large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies. The technical and sales support we receive from Telarus far exceeds that of any company I have worked with. Telarus has contributed greatly to our success in selling commercial broadband.”

Dennis Green
Sr. Networking Consultant
FiberLine Communications

Telarus’ real-time quoting system is a HUGE value-add for my existing and future customers!...
"I joined Telarus 3 months ago and I recently closed a sale for 4 long distance T1s that came through a Telarus Internet lead. Telarus’ real-time quoting system is a HUGE value-add for my existing and future customers! Before finding Telarus, quotes took so long to receive that I could lose the sale before getting a price! Now my customers and prospects can research on their own in seconds or I can do it for them. Either way, my company gets the sale. I have also been very impressed at how well the carriers treat my customers through the provisioning process because they so highly value Telarus’ volume. Thanks!”

Since starting with Telarus, I have never looked back...
"When I started working with Telarus four years ago I was almost completely Telecom blind. They have provided me with leads to close every day and have taught me how to get leads with their website plug-ins and weekly training calls. Since starting with Telarus, I have never looked back and my residual business has grown monthly ever since.”

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