"As we win awards from our carriers, as we release new technology, as we continue to bolster staff to support our partners, it all points back to one thing: our desire to be the preeminent master agency in the United States."

Patrick Oborn
VP of Marketing
Telarus, Inc.

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"Telarus has a long history of coming up with new and creative ideas to help their partners grow. They started out with innovative and unique software and followed it up with top-notch partner and supplier support.

There just aren't a lot of companies out there that can lead with software and quality support at the same time, but Telarus is one of those companies. All you have to do is look at their track record of accomplishment with ACC Business. They have been a fixture in our Club Platinum since we created the award."

Sandy Butler Buchanon
VP of Sales
ACC Business

Telarus Technology

Our Philosophy: "Automate that which can be automated"

It didn't take long in this business before Patrick Oborn and Adam Edwards, the co-founders of Telarus, realized that the industry did business is a very archaic, manual way. Since they didn't come from a telecom background, the most obvious question they posed is "in the age of the internet and automation, why do people still do business like this?" Waiting days for quotes was not only bad for business, it just seemed silly. But rather that wait for someone else to innovate, Telarus took the challenge head-on and set out building software to automate that which can be automated, creating enormous value for all present and future Telarus partners.

One of the best kept secrets of Telarus is the fact that we write our own software. However, unlike most traditional firms, we are not paid for development, installation, training, or for monthly license fees per user. We are paid only when our technology helps our partners generate new business - which means that our stuff has to work, be usable, and be accurate. Even though our business revolves around relationships, consulting, and gaining the trust of our customers and agents, having the absolute best technology is our company's mission - it's what allows our agents and staff the ability to make quick decisions that create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Technology Portfolio

Below we have compiled a brief summary of our technology so that you can gain a greater appreciation for the code that is the "engine under the hood" of Telarus.

GeoQuote SMB   (Real-time T1, Cable, PRI, Ethernet over Copper Quotes)
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GeoQuote Output GeoQuote is the crown jewel of our many technology accomplishments. In 2003 we authored (and patented) the world's first real-time commercial telecom pricing software and gave it a name: GeoQuote. The software provides real-time qualification and pricing to our agent partners looking for information on transactional products. In addition to pricing, GeoQuote has been expanded to include commissions data, promotional pricing, and real-time customer contract creation. Using GeoQuote, partners can quote and propose carrier services to their clients in minutes, not days. On October 8, 2012, GeoQuote produced the 1,000,000th commercial broadband quote.

GeoQuote Enterprise   (Metro Ethernet, Lit Buildings, Fiber Maps)
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Fiber Map GeoQuote Enterprise was created to assist our agent partners looking to source high capacity bandwidth opportunities through Telarus. Built on the Google Maps platform, GeoQuote Enterprise gives our partners the ability to view fiber routes and lit buildings from all of the major providers. This information gives our partners additional high-level insights that help them find the best-fit supplier for their customers, every time. GeoQuote Enterprise is likewise the technology that powers our public-facing Ethernet search tool, ShopforEthernet.com.

GeoSign   (Automated Customer Contract PDF Generator)
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GeoSign GeoSign is a paperwork generation platform that is compatible with all cable company business coax offerings. The technology paves the way for independent agents partnered with Telarus to check for cable availability, configure a custom service package, and to generate paperwork on-demand. The original code base for GeoSign got its start in early 2011, when Telarus, Inc. was selected for the initial rollout of the Comcast Business Class Solution Provider program. The technology gives our partners a quick and easy path to capitalize on low-MRC opportunities by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to process transactional sales.

GeoScan   (General Carrier Availability Lookup Tool)
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GeoScan GeoScan software was born from the fundamental question every agent has when presented with a new opportunity: "Which carriers are available at this location?" GeoScan gives agents an eagle eye view into every carrier service available at any U.S. address. GeoScan is comprised of a proprietary database of CLLI codes, zip codes, and lata codes compiled by Telarus. Using this locally-stored information GeoScan can return results in just seconds, without waiting for an API/XML connection to any carrier partner as is required for price quoting in GeoQuote.

Back Office CRM Platform   (Private CRM for Agent Partners)
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Telarus Agent Back Office We're not talking about a simple version of SalesForce.com, MasterStream, or some other "off the shelf" package that anyone can buy. Our back office software is written with agents in mind - putting all of their customer information, previous quotes, proposals, tasks, notes, commission history, email correspondences, orders, paperwork, etc. at your fingertips on one page. Agents can also create additional logins for administrative assistance and/or employees so that they can access specific areas of the agent back office in a customer support role.

VAR Network   (Agent-VAR Management and Lead Distro System)
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VAR Network The VAR Network is one of the greatest keys to our success; it provides a software and financial processing framework that enables our agent partners to form, administer, and maintain long-lasting relationships with their referral partners. When a VAR works with a Telarus partner, they know that they'll be paid correctly, by Telarus, every month. Taking this burden from the agent frees them up to focus their time and attention to focus on closing more carrier service sales to the leads their VAR refers to them. The VAR Network, powered by VAR Search, also generates telecom and network equipment leads that are distributed to the most active VARs in the Telarus system.

Sabiona   (Partner and Supplier Management System - for Employees Only)

Sabiona Sabiona is an internal partner and supplier management system. The software enables Telarus employees to run reports on partner activity, set tasks for each other, store important documents such as agent contracts, audit and process commission payments, respond to service quote requests, and to manage supplier and partner relationships on a deeper, more personal level.

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