Earn Residual Income

Telarus Helps You Offer Complete Solutions So You Can Earn Residual Income

Telarus provides the unique option for technology professionals to collaborate in the sale process. If you are a VAR, MSP, Systems Integrator, IT Consultant, or anything in between, and telecom and cloud services are outside of your field of expertise, Telarus can help!  We have certified sales engineers to design, negotiate, implement, and support your customers before and after the sales process.  With our tools,  our portfolio of top suppliers, our large network of skilled telecom agents, and our team of Telarus professionals, you will have everything you need to capture that residual income you've potentially been forfeiting all this time.  Check out our video illustration below to see what you've been missing!

What is Residual Income?

At a salaried job, you work 40 hours and you get paid for 40 hours. Residual income is when you continue to get paid, even after the work is done.   This includes royalties from books or songs, perhaps even real estate.  Did you know Bill Gates is still making a residual income from Microsoft?

In the telecom world, residual income is the money you earn every month, once your customer has signed a contract with a carrier.  You earn a percentage of that customer’s monthly billing.  You earn that residual commission month after month, for the life of that customer, for years to come.  In addition to that residual income, there may be an upfront spiff offered by the carrier.

UNLEASH the Power of Hassle-Free Telecom!

"The most innovative and experienced Master Agent of commercial data, voice, and cloud services."

-Dan Baldwin, President of Telecom Association

GeoQuote Find Fiber


GeoQuote gives our solution sales team the information we need to find the best carriers at the best prices for your clients.


Our team of carrier-neutral engineers will ensure the WAN infrastructure will support your voice and cloud applications.


Our solution sales team will work directly with your clients under your brand to proposeand sell carrier services, followed by project management and customer base management to ensure your client’s long-term satisfaction.


Earn your choice of residual or up-front commission by selling broadband and network together with your voice, UC, and/or cloud applications.

Commissions "As You Like It"

We understand that you may need to convert your residual commissions into an upfront payout to incent your sales team and/or to expedite cash flow.  

We offer several options for your consideration

Example Sale:

MRC = $10,000

Commission = 14%

Term - 2 years

Upfront Payment  

All upfront    $20,000  

Combination  $10,000

All residual     $0  

Residual Payment


$700 (50%)

$1400 (100%)

Commissions Advance

Learn More About Telarus' Commissions Advance

Custom Commissions

Learn More About Telarus Custom Commissions 

The Rule of 78's

If you saved $100/month for the next 12 months, how much would have at the end of the year? $1200?  That is the immediate response, however, you need to remember the Rule of 78s.  If you save $100 extra each month (or sell $100 of new business per month), it’s actually $7800 at the end of the each year.  Recurring revenue compounds, increasing the value of your business.

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