Complex Provisioning

Complex Provisioning Made Simple

Complex Provisioning

What is Complex Provisioning

The process of ordering, installing and correctly invoicing a telecommunications service is known as “Provisioning”.  Telarus is an experienced Master Agent that offers tremendous value to Partners and their customers by ensuring this process progresses quickly, accurately, and completely.  Despite all new and evolving references to “digital”, “virtual”, “cloud-based” and “plug-and-play” -- there are still physical and informational functions involved in activating telecom services.  An omission or error at any point can render the service inoperable.  

Telarus has assisted Carriers and other Service Providers in provisioning thousands of telecom service orders -- from the deceptively simple to the astoundingly complex.   When Telarus is involved, tremendous expertise and oversight are brought to bear on a Carrier’s process.  We ensure that progress is forward, that data are accurate, and that customer objectives are realized.  

What Provisioning Includes

  • Signed Agreement:  The agreement must be generated to accurately reflect the chosen solution, service term, component and total pricing (less any discounts), and all relevant terms and conditions.  Agreements must be properly signed and dated by authorized parties, then promptly submitted and accurately recorded in Supplier systems.

  • Order Entry:  Terms of the agreement are translated into Service Orders which assemble product components needed to create the requested solution.  This step is critical, as manual keying mistakes or automated processing errors can compromise the ordered service.  Additionally, this process creates invoicing accounts and commission information which can either ensure or unintentionally prevent payments from being made.  

  • Physical Installation:  Copper, Fiber, or Cable resources are placed, activated and configured for the intended product.  Physical equipment at the customer site (and in Carrier facilities) are placed in service.  Testing is performed to ensure that bandwidth, class of service, and all technical specifications are met.

  • Invoicing:  Service must begin billing on time and accurately, with invoices made available to appropriate parties in agreed-upon manner and place.  Disputes must be quickly identified and reconciled to all parties’ satisfaction.  

Each of the above steps is critical to the Provisioning process.  Telarus is a Master Agent uniquely qualified to assist in this process, utilizing its extensive resources in Partner Support, Complex Sales, Project Management, Account and Base Management, Engineering, and Commissions Support.  

Trust Telarus to simplify and streamline the Provisioning process -- ensuring more rapid and accurate installation of ordered services, and more rapid and accurate receipt of earned commissions!  

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