MoonRize: Our Award-Winning Order Update Software that Saves Partners Time

When we surveyed our partners looking for ways that we could help them better leverage their time, over 70% told us that chasing down order status updates was a major hindrance to growth. After all, spending time looking for information on a deal that has already closed is nothing but a time tax on everyone.

In response to this feedback, our software development team built a "robot army" to manually login to each of our supplier back office portals and download a fresh order status report, each and every night. Once those reports have been downloaded into our system, we then created an interface that we call "MoonRize", to help you see the status of your orders; both on your phone and on the Telarus agent back office portal.

When you work with Telarus you won't have to fear the "what is the status of my order?!" question from your customers. It's just a click away! Here is what MoonRize looks like on the Telarus Mobile App:

MoonRize, a Telarus Master Agent Tool

But MoonRize doesn't stop with just a simple order status. As you probably know, every carrier has different status codes, and in many cases, different processes to install each of it's dozens of products. It's not enough to know the status, you have to know where in the overall process the status is situated. Is the current status good? Are things delayed? Will the project be completed on time? These are all questions that MoonRize addresses using the super-sexy flow chart (see above).

The best part about MoonRize is that it is included for FREE with every order sourced through Telarus. You don't need to be in the dark any longer, taking verbal abuse from your customers because you don't know what the status of their orders is off the top of your head. Just pull out your phone, screenshot the flow chart, and text it to them in under 15 seconds. Done.

Here is what our MoonRize Tech Reveal looked like when we launched the tool at our 2017 Telarus Partner Summit in Deer Valley, Utah on June 21, 2017:

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