"What do I like most about Telarus? It's the community that we have built. Our program enables agents to work together on individual deals, to work together to earn higher SPIFs from carriers, to network and help each other through our private bulletin board, and more. Our agents understand that our collective success benefits everybody, and seeing people reach their professional and financial goals gives me a sense of accomplishment. Telarus is not just a job, it's a mission."

Patrick Oborn
VP of Marketing
Telarus, Inc.

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"Telarus has always been a peculiar entity because they attract business through affiliates and then distribute such leads to their agents - a model many inside the telecom industry thought would never work. Kudos to Telarus for not following the status quo and for becoming the newest winner of the top Master Agent category."

Dan Baldwin, President
Telecom Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Just the Facts

If this is your first time looking into Telarus, odds are you have questions. Below we have compiled a list of the questions prospective agents ask us the most so that you can have the facts at your disposal while making the very important decision of which master agent is the best fit for you. After seeing what we've done to help our current partner base grow their carrier business, we're confident that you'll like what you see.

What is a Master Agent, and why should I use Telarus?
"I have never worked with a team of professionals that have such a high level of integrity, honesty and so truly interested in helping me grow my business to meet and exceed my goals. I am honored to be a part of the Telarus family!"

Tim O'Rourke
Telepoint Communications
Telarus Agent Since 2003
ANSWER: A Master Agent is (supposed to be) an agency that 1) signs carrier contracts and consolidates volume, 2) assists its sub-agents with pre-and-post-sales support, 3) consolidates commissions from multiple carriers into one monthly commission statement/payment, 4) leverages its size to gain concessions from carriers on behalf of its agents. Since master agents pool the volume of hundreds of independent agents into a single contract with each carrier, the community at large does not have to bear the burden of sales quotas, providing for a more stable and stress-free income stream.

Telarus, Inc., founded in 2002 by entrepreneurs Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn, was created in response to the horrible agent support they received as subagents. Frustrated with the crazy delays that accompanied each price quote request, the level of commission they were earning, the lack of accuracy of their commission checks, and the risks they took entrusting their business to master agents who stood on shaky financial ground, Telarus was born. Agents today will find Telarus is the best, offering real-time quotes on the transactional products, personalized support from industry experts on complex solutions, direct contracts with all carrier partners, audited commissions, and home-grown software that makes agents efficient.

But even more important than the efficiencies we've created is our reputation. Integrity is at the heart of our business and we take great pride in doing right by our agents and carriers, every when no one is watching. Our philosophy is that business is a direct reflection of its owners and management, not an entity you can hide behind while making immoral decisions.

What is Telarus Partner Summit?
ANSWER: Each year Telarus hosts one of the industry's premiere trade shows called the "Telarus Partner Summit" where we bring together all of our top suppliers and partners to Park City, Utah for a 3-day conference. In the conference the agent partners get to meet in private with carrier executives, hear from each of them during a 5-minute rapid fire general assembly, and learn the tricks of the trade from industry experts during the instructional sessions. The 2012 summit included a keynote speech from Chad Lewis of the Philadelphia Eagles, Chuck Reeves, professional sales coach and former number one rep for AT&T, along with other heads of companies. The summit is held at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah, which provides one of the most pristine and lush environments you can experience. Most of our attendees felt like they were on a vacation with a few strategic meetings mixed in.

Is Telarus a Master Agent or a Software Company?
ANSWER: Both. When our founders, who came from a financial services and engineering background respectively, set out to build the largest master agency ever envisioned, they did so with a non-telecom perspective. To them, it was not acceptable that quotes took days, even weeks, to come back. It was not acceptable to manage a large base of customers using Excel spreadsheets. It was not acceptable to be in the dark with relation to all of the carrier's service footprint. The only way to build the Master Agent of the Future was to invest heavily in software so that the necessary efficiencies could be built into the quoting, customer management, accounting, and commissioning systems. Today Telarus is consistently one of the top producers with each carrier we represent, and we generate millions of lines of source code each year with our team of software developers who have built our robust systems on the foundation of PHP, Cold Fusion, mySQL, SQL Server, Java, and JavaScript.

Having our own software development division enables us to produce tools at the request of our agent partners and employees. All of our peers have to license outside software and try to modify it (good luck) to their liking. We do not have that challenge, and can adapt to changing business environments in days and weeks since we employ the best developers in the country.

What is the ownership and financial structure of Telarus?
ANSWER: Telarus is a private company that is 100% owned by our founders, Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn. They bootstrapped the company from savings and commissions they were earning as Commission River online affiliates. Telarus 1.0 consisted of Patrick Oborn generating leads with ShopforT1.com and Adam Edwards making sales from the steady stream of new prospects. That early stream of residual commission was re-invested into channel managers that could support new agents, new software developers, and to employ the services of Cooley Godward Kronish LLP to assist us with the patent application for GeoQuote, our new real-time quoting software. Today, the equity makeup of the company remains in-tact without any changes or outside investors. All of our growth has been internally financed through operations, keeping creditors and outside investors from tainting our decisions or changing our focus on our number one goal: to revolutionize the way carriers sell telecom through the agent channel.

How much commission does Telarus pay its agents?
ANSWER: Telarus pays its agent and VAR partners a residual commission according to the terms in your contract. We offer pass-through as well as fixed commission percentage payments which are negotiable based upon the volume and growth potential of a new partner. The standard rates that we pass will be revealed to you once a non-disclosure agreement is in place. To get started, complete your agent application and we contact you with further details. As a Tier 1 Master Agent, Telarus enjoys the highest commissions available from each of our carrier partners, so our pass-through is, in many cases, higher that what you can earn working with a carrier on your own.

How and when are commissions paid?
ANSWER: Telarus pays out commissions on the 28th of each month via Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH). International agents can receive their commission via PayPal. If you'd like to learn more about our commission system, check out our YouTube training video.

How long after a sale does it take for commissions to be paid?
ANSWER: The answer varies between 30 and 90 days. The main factor is the time it takes for the supplier to credit approve your client, install and turn up their service, and send/collect a first bill. Once the supplier receives its first payment from your client Telarus is paid around the 15th of the month, just 13 days ahead of your payday which is the 28th of each month. Bigger networks will start to commission as soon as the first site is turned up and billing, and continue to grow until the entire network is billing.

Why can't I sign up directly with Comcast to become an agent?
ANSWER: Comcast Business Class opened their Solution Provider Program (agent program) in the Spring of 2011. They made the conscious choice to sell through distribution, that is, master agents that have the technology and manpower to handle the weight of processing orders, supporting agents, and paying accurate commissions. When Comcast opened the program, they did so with just three national distributors, Telarus being one of them. Since then we have hired six additional staff members to bulk up our Support group, developed Comcast Paperwork Generation software (GeoSign) to help our partners cut down the time it takes to sell Comcast's coax products, and imported all of Comcast's lit building addresses into our GeoQuote enterprise tool that enables our partners to see lit building pins on a Google map to determine which of our suppliers is a good fit for their Metro Ethernet clients.

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