Upcoming Events

Event Date Location Registration Link
Telarus Innovation Conference 10/13/17 Daytona, FL Register Here 
Telarus Innovation Conference 10/17/17 New York City, NY  Register Here
Telarus Innovation Conference 11/14/17 Philadelphia, PA Register Here
Telarus Innovation Conference 11/16/17 Pittsburgh, PA Register Here 
Telarus Innovation Conference 12/05/17 Nashville, TN  
Telarus Innovation Conference 12/07/17 Dallas, TX  

Regional Networking Events

Telarus Regional Vice Presidents are always throwing fun networking events all over the nation.  Check out our upcoming social activities and RSVP for those that are in your area!

Regional Networking events


Telarus hosts numerous valuable webinars throughout each month in order to keep our partners, suppliers and Telarus team members connected through informative and collaborative forums. These range from frequent carrier trainings to weekly Telarus news and selling information calls. A complete list and schedule of upcoming trainings is provided through the agent back office portal.

Telarus Webinars

Telarus Partner Summit

Telarus Partner Summit is the premier channel event for suppliers and partners to learn about technology and industry trends as well as valuable information for growing their business. Partner Summit provides a venue to establish new relationships through networking, peer roundtables and private meetings to develop new partnering opportunities. One supplier channel chief refers to Telarus Partner Summit as “the industry premier event and a model for (a national master agent) to follow."

Telarus Partner Summit

Telarus Innovation ConferenceS

The Telarus Innovation Conference group enables technology professionals to maximize their profit potential through innovative business development ideas for their company. Telarus has held events with suppliers across the country including NFL football stadiums to prime beach locations. Where is the next event? Be sure to follow along in our LinkedIn group: Telarus Innovation Conference.

Telarus Innovation Conferences

Industry Events

Looking to meet with Telarus representatives?  Learn about which of the industry events we attend and make plans to see us there.  We would love to meet you!

Industry Events