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West IP Communications

West IP Communications is a nationwide provider of unified IP communications services to mid-sized enterprises. West IP delivers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), IP trunking, unified threat management, MPLS networking, contact center solutions, messaging and advanced collaboration tools as a unified suite of managed services and cloud based applications. West IP's scalable, on-demand applications & services can be integrated with a customer's existing network and telecommunications infrastructure, operational processes and employee activities, enabling a customer to migrate to unified IP communications as their business requirements dictate.

What You Should Know About West IP Communications

West IP has built a nationwide private IP network for delivering voice, data, and video, and local dialtone. West IP caters specifically to enterprises that need to extend IP communications to hundreds or thousands of employees, in multiple geographic locations.

Mike Perry VP Channel and Strategic Alliances at West IP Communications teaches a sold-out audience at the Telarus Parter Summit in Deer Valley Utah

West IP was the first to introduce a converged voice and data service over an MPLS network. The West IP platform as a whole has a distributed architecture, with different features being served from various facilities. Their MPLS services combine best-of-breed carrier networks to create a completely private, fast and flexible solution that lets you prioritize voice, video and data applications, while consolidating all traffic onto a single, easy-to-manage network infrastructure.

West IP can integrate their services with an existing network, or help deploy and manage an MPLS network. Customers are spared the cost of purchasing, deploying, and maintaining the applications, and, to some degree, the infrastructure on which it runs. Second, all maintenance, management, and upgrades are handled by West IP.

West IP offers everything from TDM IP Trunking and SIP trunking to fully-hosted PBX and VoIP to the desktop. Their services include domestic and international calling plans with direct inward dialing (DID), unlimited local calling, four-digit on-net calling and E911. West IP calls never touch the Internet-although they do offer their clients Internet access over the same circuit.

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West IP Communications Videos

We've put together the following videos with more information about the West IP Communications channel program and product set.

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