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USA Digital Communications

USA Digital Communications specializes in voice and data for high volume termination, toll free, conferencing and FoIP clients. USAD voice solutions include TDM and VoIP Termination, Toll Free, Local Inbound/DID, International/ITFS, FraudProSM, Call DirectorSM, and Dialer Routes. USAD data solutions include dedicated internet access (DIA), SMS Text, Private Line, Ethernet, MPLS and Disaster Planning.

What You Should Know About USA Digital Communications

  • USAD has built a high quality network with thousands of access points, ensuring first attempt completion and competitive prices, without least cost routing.
  • With USAD, you will experience fewer customer service issues, creating happier clients and greater retention. USAD processes detailed invoices with timeliness and accuracy—no hidden charges or fees. Superior back office support, including 24/7 customer service, provisioning, NOC and engineering, allows you the peace of mind to focus on the next deal.
  • USAD understands what is important to agents. As a USAD partner, you receive timely payments with evergreen commission clauses. Agents benefit from innovative solutions with quality products and competitive prices.  TDM, IP or hybrid options are available to deliver the best solution for your clients’ unique needs. 

USAD ensures your success:

Flexible Commissions

Aggressive Pricing

Innovative Products

Rapid Provisioning

Global Reach

I highly recommend USA Digital for the high quality of services they offer and for the willingness and ability to make my customers and my company successful.

-Steve Reemts, Convergent Sphere

I have been paid on everything that I have sold! The USAD customer service team takes great care of my customers.

-Mike Martin, DNS Group

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