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Unitas Global

Unitas Global is a cloud solutions provider that enables streamlined IT consumption through our Enterprise Cloud Marketplace. With a variety of proven solutions living within our Enterprise Cloud Marketplace, Unitas Global delivers secure and easy-to-use cloud infrastructures and platforms and managed services. Our solutions and services allow clients to refocus and optimize their internal IT resources on more innovative business initiatives. Unitas is headquartered in Los Angeles, with clients and locations spanning the globe.

What You Should Know About Unitas Global

Unitas Global was founded on the belief that fully-managed cloud environments is the future of enterprise IT. Through a thorough discovery process, we began to identify commonalities within enterprise IT. Universally, clients required secure environments, guaranteed uptime, and easy-to-provision resources. An environment with those characteristics would then enable a client to focus on business-centric applications. This was the beginning of Enterprise Private Cloud.

Five years later, Unitas Global has partnered with a portfolio of Fortune 500 Clients to provide fully managed Enterprise Cloud solutions. Today, our clients offload their day-to-day infrastructure operations onto us, so their Internal IT teams can now focus on innovative and strategic business objectives.

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