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Spectrum Business

Spectrum Business is the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States, providing a full range of enterprise fiber and coax solutions for businesses large and small. These services include Business Internet, standard phone and PRI service, and cable TV.

What You Should Know About Spectrum Business

As the fourth largest cable operator in the country, Spectrum Business offers distinct advantages over the traditional telephone companies.

  • Spectrum manages the entire network from end-to-end without any middlemen or third parties who can mess things up for you or your customer.
  • Spectrum eliminates the need for a local loop.
  • Spectrum offers much higher broadband speeds for the same prices the telcos charge (ex: 100MB x 10MB for $350).
  • With Spectrum, you can add up to 23 regular phone lines on one connection, without any decrease in data speeds.
  • Spectrum offers Type-2 fiber access across any metro area that Spectrum serves.
  • Spectrum enterprise Ethernet broadband access is available in all of its 5,500 lit buildings across 27 states.
  • Spectrum is a great redundant solution, offering a diverse path to the internet that does not touch any central offices.
  • Spectrum offers small businesses an inexpensive TV service which is a perfect fit for businesses with waiting rooms or lobbies.
Telarus founders Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn celebrate the signing of the Spectrum agreement during the Telarus Partner Summit with Spectrum Business executives; Don Coufal, Channel Manager, Michael Fair, VP of Channel Sales, and David Neely, Director of Channel Sales.

If Spectrum Business is a great fit for your clients, Telarus is a great fit for you. We are experts in Spectrum Business and commercial cable in general. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • View all Spectrum fiber lit buildings in our GeoQuote fiber mapping tool
  • Telarus support team have years of experience support cable orders
  • Telarus was one of only three cable master agents chosen by Comcast, and we have applied that knowledge and experience to Spectrum, which has similar processes.
  • Telarus has a patented technology called GeoQuote that will qualify and price out Spectrum coax solutions in seconds
  • Telarus has a direct line to senior management within Spectrum to help you with any issues that may arise.
  • Telarus can pay you more commission that you can earn by going to Spectrum direct, and without a quota.

Spectrum Business Products and Services:

  • Business Class Internet (BCI)
  • Business Class Voice (BCV)
  • Managed Router
  • Point to Point
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • Ethernet Local Area Network
  • PRI
  • SIP Trunking
  • VPN

Spectrum Business Case Study

The following is a real-life testimonial of a Telarus agent who proposed and sold a Spectrum Business solution to their customer in the past year.

Spectrum Business Videos

We've put together the following videos with more information about the Spectrum Business channel program and product set.

Spectrum Business Network Map

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