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Nitel is a facilities-based provider of reliable, secure telecommunications network services, including MPLS, Ethernet, SIP trunking, dedicated Internet access and private line. Nitel's nationwide network leverages last-mile access from over 130 providers to achieve ubiquitous coverage, optimum network design and pricing for its clients. Through the first-of-its-kind MyNitel web portal and mobile app, clients enjoy the convenience of monitoring networks and managing ticketing in real time from their desktop or mobile device -- part of Nitel's commitment to world-class client service.

What You Should Know About Nitel

Nitel leverages network data from over 130 last-mile access providers in the United States to enable ubiquitous coverage and optimal network design at the most competitive price. Nitel has relationships with every top-tier carrier in the country, including national and regional network providers, to maintain network and pricing data that translates into better solutions for our customers.

Nitel Premier Partner Award
Clay Hulen, Director of Sales for Nitel accepts the Top Sales Award for 2011 from Telarus Inc.

Agents can price opportunities through Geoquotes or through Nitel's n-Tellipro online pricing tool. n-Tellipro provides pricing for dedicated Internet access, SIP, MPLS and private line, with an easy-to-use batch loading feature for multi-site opportunities. Most opportunities are priced instantly leveraging Nitel's 130+ underlying access providers and the Nitel network.

Nitel offers a one-of-a-kind web portal and iOS app that provides clients with the ability to monitor their network in real time, initiate and manage trouble tickets, and view their billing and remittance history. The desktop version also gives clients free access to advanced network monitoring metrics, including Netflow data.

Nitel's commitment to a "boutique" style of customer service extends throughout the customer experience. Nitel's team of sales engineers are available for design support and conduct a technical review of orders. They are also available to assist agents as needed. During the provisioning process, Nitel's provisioning managers are focused on frequent communication, with a micromanaged provisioning process that includes 15 distinct milestones. Post-installation, customers are assigned a dedicated account manager for ongoing support. Nitel's Chicago-based network operations center is available 24x7x365 for maintenance. The NOC is staffed by three levels of technicians and calls are answered by technicians, not call center operators. Calls are answered in under a minute on average. Customers are also guaranteed a minimum of one phone call an hour during an outage to provide updated status.

Because Nitel offers services through all of the top providers, agents can sell into protected enterprise and government accounts using the same tier 1 networks but without the restrictions.

Nitel Products:

If you are interested in becoming a Telarus agent, or if you would like to learn more about our program, please contact Justin Chugg at (877) 346-3232 for more information.

Awards and Recognition for Nitel

  • 2012 Top Partner
  • 2011 Top Partner
  • 2010 Top Partner
  • 2009 Top Partner
  • 2008 Top Partner

Nitel Case Study

The following is a real-life testimonial of a Telarus agent who proposed and sold a Nitel solution to their customer in the past year.

Nitel Videos

We've put together the following videos with more information about the Nitel channel program and product set.

Nitel Network Map

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