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My Digital Shield

OmniShield™ is the next-generation cybersecurity solution that extends your company’s perimeter to all your sites while providing omnipresent, fortune 500 cybersecurity. OmniShield is an Elastic-UTM tailored for the SMB and does what no traditional, premises-based security solution can do: It is always there, limitless, and virtual. It watches over and protects from all the latest cyber-threats.

What you need to know about My Digital Shield

My Digital Shield (MDS) is a leading provider of ElasticUTM and SDWAN fused as a platform that delivers enterprise-quality connectivity and security technology to small businesses and branch offices. Based on industry-leading unified threat management (UTM) technology, MDS’ customizable cloud-based security solution offers continual protection against cyber threats and intrusions at an affordable price. With no bandwidth pollution, the ElasticUTM delivery model ensures that the latest virus definitions and threat updates are in use for continual threat prevention. Founded in 2013, MDS serves numerous managed service providers (MSPs) and small businesses in various industries, including retail, restaurants, hospitality, and professional services. 

If your business has multiple locations, you can relax. OmniShield enforces consistent security policies and restrictions across all locations. If you are in one place and need access to resources in another, OmniShield provides it because all locations are virtually tied together as one.

If you leave the office, OmniShield’s next-generation of protection is there for you as if you were sitting at your desk.

With the growth of the Internet of Things, you can feel secure, knowing that OmniShield adapts to the latest threats and protects you and all your devices when you need it.

My Digital Shield Services

ElasticUTM provides all UTM security engines working together, not limited to a physical box or location. 

SDWAN (Software Defined WAN) service that optimizes the internet connection(s) through various algorithms and technologies

MDS specific CPE router that bridges local networks to OmniShield with OmniWAN service. Required for OmniWAN service.

Is your bandwidth Raw, or has it been Optimized?

Some pairings just make sense! Elastic UTM meets SD-WAN. Experience the synergy of next generation Clean Internet. Elastic UTM dynamically expands to maintain high performance without sacrificing security. Harness the power of Fortune 500 UTM, at an SMB price point with OmniShield, a new and more powerful MDS.

OmniWan bandwidth

Raw Bandwidth

  • No control of traffic priority 
  • Jitter 
  • Latency 
  • Bandwidth fluctuations 
  • Packet loss 
  • Packet fragmentation

Optimized Bandwidth

  • Organized and prioritized traffic 
  • Controlled bandwidth 
  • Jitter control 
  • Reduced latency 
  • Reduced packet loss 
  • Reduced fragmentation through OmniWAN's "dynamic adaptation"

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