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FiberLight is an industry-leader in high performance fiber optic networks for enterprise, government and carrier customers.

What you need to know about FiberLight

FiberLight owns over 1,650,000 miles of dense fiber optic infrastructure in some of the country’s most rapidly growing metro areas.  With over 17,000 backbone access points, 1,700 on-net locations, presence in over 100 data centers and active expansion activities occurring daily, they have the connectivity options you need.

FiberLight Products and Services


Ethernet LAN Service, Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPN) and Ethernet Access Services are available to connect your locations over local and long-haul networks.

Dedicated Internet Access 

Constant connectivity for even the most saturated locations. IP drains in 7 major POP’s.

Wavelength Service (DWDM)

FiberLight offers Wavelength Private Line and Managed Wavelength Ring Services.

Dark Fiber 

Whether you're looking to purchase or lease network infrastructure, our 1,650,000 fiber-mile, high density network can be leveraged to meet clients current and future organizational goals - including short and long-term budget constraints.

FiberLight Network Management

Their Network Operations Center is staffed 24/7 with FiberLight-trained engineers who are both technical experts and pleasant to work with. Their network management practices ensure our engineers and customers have unparalleled access to network through:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Automated service alerts
  • Ticketing for both customers and engineers reflecting service
  • Reports to compare against SLA
  • Escalation lists with contacts for real people, not robots 

Learn More About FiberLight

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