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Evolve IP

Evolve IP services can be deployed individually or together in the Evolve IP OneCloud™. Easier to work with and the only company that can deploy both cloud computing and cloud communications in a secure, virtual private environment. Leveraging Evolve IP for multiple services compounds the ROI of our customers’ IT investment by decreasing costs, improving efficiencies and eliminating cloud sprawl.

Why Evolve IP

The Cloud is no longer about buying individual services. It’s now about having a strategy for multiple services and making them work together to provide greater IT efficiency. For over a decade Evolve IP has delivered customized strategies and integrated services for both cloud computing and communications; solutions that are designed to work together and with the applications you already use in your business. The Evolve IP OneCloud™ lets enterprises move a service at a time, to a secure, virtual private environment, and our analyst-acclaimed solutions are built on a world-class, compliant architecture that leverages the blue-chip technologies organizations already know and trust. Our long-term success is built on a business deploying more services with Evolve IP so we are invested in our customers’ future. As a result, we are dedicated to providing superior service in every aspect of our client relationships and this has resulted in the industry’s highest verified customer satisfaction. Disaster Recovery, Contact Center, Unified Communications, Desktops and Infrastructure … Experience Cloud as a Strategy™.

Evolve IP Services

Cloud Computing

  • Up top to 70% Cost Reduction 
  • Military-grade Encryption 
  • 24x7x365 Support 
  • Compliance Cloud™

Cloud Communications

  • Gartner Best-of-Breed 
  • Eliminate Capital Expenditures 
  • On-site & Web Training 
  • Award-winning Software

Evolve IP Network Map

Evolve IP network Map

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